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DC Comics Solicitations for November 2012

DC Comics has released their full solicitations text and images for product being released in November, 2012, including the latest from Before Watchmen, "Justice League," "Batman," "Green Lantern" and more.

Who Should Join The Movie Justice League?

If Warners and DC Entertainment have their collective corporate hearts set on building a movie Justice League, then what characters should be part of the team? We've had a Green Lantern movie, we're used to cinematic Batmen and Man of Steel is coming out next year. But which other DC Universe characters should make their celluloid debuts in order to graduate to the Big League?

Should Warners Give Up On A Justice League Movie?

At least one attempt by Warner Bros. to bring DC Comics' Justice League to the big screen has fallen apart, and the rumored addition of Ben Affleck to the project has ended up being denied by his people. Is it time to admit defeat on the idea of a JL movie?

CCI: DC's Justice League & Green Lantern Panel

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee bring a wide slate of DC Comics creators and heroes in a Comic-Con lovefest for Justice League and Green Lantern, teasing more heroes in "Earth Two," new details on the Third Army, the future of Shazam! and more.

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