Valentino Casts a Shadowline at Image

CBR spoke with Image Comics founder and former Image Central Publisher Jim Valentino about the early days of Image, his Shadowline publishing imprint, "Morning Glories" and more.

Image Comics Solicitations for June, 2011

Image has released artwork and solicitation information for new comics on sale in June, 2011, including new issues of "The Walking Dead," "Morning Glories," "50 Girls 50," "Artifacts," "Savage Dragon" and more.

Valentino Shines a Light on Shadowline

Shadowline founder Jim Valentino spoke with CBR about "Morning Glories," "27" and other successful books in 2010, future titles including "The Infinite Vacation" and "Green Wake," and Shadowline's publishing process.


"27" creator Charles Soule provided CBR News with a detailed behind-the-scenes analysis of the first issue of his critically acclaimed Image Comics miniseries, with topics ranging from music history to hidden puzzles.

Charles Soule Turns "27"

There's a long list of musicians who died at the age of 27, and guitarist Will Garland could very well join it. His struggle to survive is at the heart of "27" and we spoke with writer Charles Soule to learn more.