Fox Stops Clock on 24 Movie

Fox has reportedly delayed production of the long-promised 24 movie over concerns that star Kiefer Sutherland won't have time to complete filming during the hiatus of his new television drama Touch.

Five Ways Movies & TV Could've Caught Royal Wedding Fever

It's one thing for the airwaves to be filled with Royal Wedding shows - Seriously, you have no idea how many times the "timeless love story" between William and Kate has been told in the last few weeks, in the run-up to tomorrow's big day - but another thing altogether for all of the shows to be so unimaginative. They're all documentaries! Where are the made-up stories based around this happiest of events?

Could 24 Movie Open In 2012?

The always-optimistic Kiefer Sutherland said this morning that the much-discussed 24 will be released next year. That's despite reports that the project doesn't have a director or a start date.

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