Tackling The Biggest "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" Second Trailer Mysteries

The release of a new "Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer naturally more questions about exactly what Earth's Mightiest Heroes have gotten themselves into in the next massive Marvel Studios movie. This second "Age of Ultron" trailer packs in a lot of new information while skimping on context; all we know of for sure from the trailer is that our heroes are menaced by Ultron, the Scarlet Witch and each other -- and also that Tony Stark's big party gets crashed in the worst way possible.

But what about the big questions? Like what's up with Black Widow's bangs? Who's that woman in the cave? Is Black Widow carrying two heavy-duty blasters? Will Andy Serkis' hairstyle catch on outside of Brooklyn? How many more variations on "I Got No Strings" are there to use in promotional materials? While answers to some of these questions remain elusive, the active participants in the CBR Community have been hard at work trying to solve some of the trailer's biggest mysteries. Here are a few theories they've come up with. Bookmark this article now, because it'll be worth checking back with once "Age of Ultron" is unleashed on May 1.

Shadowras has a couple of thoughts on Serkis' mysterious role seen at 0:54, saying the man best known as Gollum is "definitely playing a villain" in "AoU," which would sync up nicely with the theopry that he's bringing Klaw to life. Shadowras also wonders if the equally mysterious woman glimpsed at 0:33 is either Nebula or a Dora Milaje.

Of course, if that woman isn't Karen Gillan's bad guy from "Guardians of the Galaxy" or a member of the Dora Milaje, the Black Panther's personal body guards, then IdaqiBeauty has a guess: "I bet the woman was [Black Panther's sister -- and future Black Panther] Shuri."

However, this is an Ultron film, so HeroWorship thinks it's not out of the realm of possibility for the evil android's bride to show up in some form or fashion. Could that be a shot of "JOCASTA?!"

Considering the tone and subject of a few shots in this trailer, KurtW95 wonders if we're about to get a look at Black Widow's origin, asking if the sequence at 0:39 means the Red Room's involvement in the film is confirmed.

ernesth100 wins the coveted Bad/Best Pun Award for this screencap and comment combo:

"It would appear Iron Man has pulled a-head in this match."

Mike82 has an interesting theory regarding the ever-shifting Hulk/Banner dynamic, noting that ""Marvel's The Avengers" "had Hulk slightly annoyed. This film will have Hulk rampaging. There is not much about the Hulk's character that needs to develop. He gets angry, and then he hits things. I have heard about them exploring the idea of the Hulk being afraid of Banner as much as Banner is afraid of the Hulk." A solid theory, and one that dove tails nicely into one of Brett White's Trailer 1 thoughts about a potential Natasha/Bruce romance.

UncannyDerek thinks there's a big blink-and-you-miss-it cameo when Thor's getting zapped by lightning. "The bottom right of Thor at 1:03... Enchantress?" And it might not be too far-fetched to hope that one of the Asgardian Masters of Evil will pop up in this film -- after all, we met her sister Lorelei on "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." last season.

Then again, KurtW95 has another theory about this mystery woman -- could it be Mantis? "Age of Ultron" is an international film, so the Vietnamese hero making an appearance showing up would play into a certain logic. Plus, the unidentified character appears to be wearing a costume similar to what Mantis wore back in the '70s. Still, Punisher007 has a theory that involves a character that we already know is in the movie. "That's not Wanda is it? It's kind of hard to tell from that angle, but that get up looks kind of like one of SW's costumes, just brown instead of red."

Other forum members are more concerned with the action in scene than the identity of the background character. robreedwrites looks at the bit of footage at 1:03 and compares it with other curious moments from the trailer, specifically one at 1:20: "No idea what this is. Appears to be a temple with a Priestess (no blonde hair, no green costume, I'm not thinking Enchantress, and it doesn't look like Lorelei). When compared with what we know from the clip with Cap and Tony and the images of Widow's past, I'm thinking this is a vision caused by the Scarlet Witch, perhaps a bad moment in Thor's past?" And following with his mind control theory, he notes that at the 1:20 mark, "[The r]ed around Hulk's eyes suggests mind-control/influence. Likely Scarlet Witch, possibly Ultron."

Meanwhile, evangelionofasgard thinks big and extrapolates that one quick section into something worthy of a multi-film arc, breaking down his proposal for the plot of the upcoming "Captain America 3: Civil War" and "Thor 3: Ragnarok" by way of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's classic "Civil War" miniseries!

And finally, The Kid took a look at the credits card and noticed that Iron Man has soared higher than the rest of his teammates, with Robert Downey Jr. receiving top billing, even over the title of the movie!

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