"Syphons" returns to Now Comics as Graphic Novel

Official Press Release

April 6, 2004 – The Syphons Graphic Novel is the story of four young adults who accidentally acquire intergalactic siphoning powers and burdened with the task to protect Earth from an alien race hell-bent on destruction. If you like superheroes, you'll love this mature science-fiction thriller, created by writer Allen Curtis and illustrated by the sleek brush of Mark (Amazing Spider-man, Green Lantern, Valeria The She-Bat) Beachum, who also produced a new wraparound cover.

"Syphons was one of the two original color NOW Comics in 1986," said Tony Caputo, Publisher of NOW Comics. "We resurrected it in 1993 with creator Allen Curtis, who wrote this great science-fiction story, and assigned Mark Beachum as artist. We're very fortunate to have uncovered a set of the original films of the long lost artwork. The quality will be superb, highlighting Mark's wonderful brush work."

The original Syphons series began in June 1986 for five issues, with the first two covers illustrated by Tony C Caputo. It was, for the most part, NOW Comics' only "super-team" title ever.

Allen Curtis was excited about having another dynamic cover by Mark Beachum, stating "Wonderful as usual!" Preview pages are available at http://www.nowcomics.com/images/previews/syphons/syphons.asp

The new wraparound cover by Mark Beachum is a dynamic and stylish representation of the extreme characters. The Syphons Graphic Novel is a 96-page black-and-white soft cover, with a new Mark Beachum wraparound cover for $14.95 US, and scheduled to ship in May 2004.

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