Sympathy for the Daredevil: Mack Talks "End of Days"

We all know the story of how Daredevil came to be. But how does Matt Murdock's story end? In 2008, acclaimed "Daredevil" writers Brian Bendis and David Mack answer that question in "Daredevil: End of Days," which, unlike typical Marvel Comics "The End" stories, is rooted firmly in continuity. CBR News spoke previously with writer Brian Bendis about the eagerly anticipated project, and we sit down now with co-writer David Mack to talk about the final chapter for the man without fear.

According to Mack, "End of Days" was Bendis' brainchild. "Brian said he wanted to make this a pretty serious story that by sheer force of will and audaciousness would be the definitive story of the final days of Daredevil," David Mack told CBR News. Mack, who had spent the last few years outside of the mainstream, focusing more on creator-owned works like "Kabuki," was in talks with Marvel editor Warren Simons to return to the House of Ideas. As soon as Bendis got wind of this, he recruited his fellow "Daredevil" scribe for "End of Days."

Mack and Bendis are approaching this project with a humble reverence. "In a way it is kind of our love letter to the many incredible eras of the Daredevil mythology," Mack explained. "Our love letter to the amazing creators that, as Brian said, 'have devoted large chunks of their lives to creating Daredevil.' Therefore we are overjoyed to be working with some of the most influential artists that have contributed to the Daredevil mythos."

The artists to whom Mack refers are none other than Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkiewicz and Alex Maleev. With Janson on pencils, Sienkiewicz on inks and Maleev on covers, the man without fear has never looked better. "The art from Bill that I've seen so far is just stunning," Mack said. "Same with Klaus. These guys have already made a huge mark into the world and history of this character. They really don't need to prove anything, and yet, they are bringing their A-game, and performing on all cylinders."

This is not the first time Mack and Bendis have worked together, and Mack took a moment to elaborate on their collaboration. "It is not a really fixed method," Mack said. "The overall idea starts from many conversations that we have, and ideas just spring from that. Then we discuss the ideas of each issue. And then I may write an outline and fleshed out scenes of that and send to Brian for him to riff off of. Or in the case of last issue I did, I'll do what I think is a finished full script, and he will use that as a spring board and add stage direction and go from there. We may take turns doing the heavy lifting for each issue and there is not fixed method, and it has been a very fun and new way to work."

Mack is excited to try his hand at Daredevil again. "When I started working for Marvel as the writer of 'Daredevil' with Joe Quesada drawing it, I had a blast," Mack recalled. "And in the course of that work, I developed more ideas for the character that I thought I would have loved to continue with. So it is a joy to come back to the character. Before this DD story, I've worked on three other 'Daredevil' runs, and each one was different from the other and set up some new angles to the characters. It is fun to now take some of those characters and elements and have them payoff later in this new story. Brian's first run on 'Daredevil' was the 'Daredevil: Wake Up' story that I did the art for. In fact that was his first work for Marvel as well. And there area some angles from that story we collaborated on back then, that will really pay off in this story."

Mack couldn't reveal much about the plot of "End of Days," but he did go so far as to say that the gang's all there. "It included a large cast of Daredevil's major rogues gallery, and just about all of his ex-girlfriends" Mack said. "In fact if you have a favorite, just yell it out. Make it known, and I'll see if I can make sure to include them."

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