Spider-Man's Original Hobgoblin Returns in Flashback Miniseries

Peter David and Greg Land -- the creative team behind Marvel Comics' Symbiote Spider-Man -- are uniting once again for a new mini-series set during the period in Marvel history when Peter Parker first wore the now-iconic Alien Costume. Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality arrives this December.

Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality #1 -- an oversized, 40-page issue -- will see Spidey locked in a battle against none other than Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin. Additionally, the comic will apparently explore exactly how Kingsley managed to gain his new powers.

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The history of the Hobgoblin is a long and confusing one, to be sure, with different writers having different ideas of which character should be behind the villain's mask. The Hobgoblin was originally unmasked as Ned Leeds. However, this was later retconned with the explanation that Leeds was actually a fall guy set up by Kingsley, who was the original Hobgoblin all along. In addition to Kingsley and Leeds, other characters to take up the Hobgoblin mantle include Arnold Donovan, Jason Macendale, Daniel Kingsley (Roderick's brother) and Phil Urich.

Written by Peter David and Illustrated by Greg Land, Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality #1 goes on sale this December from Marvel Comics. The issue's cover by Land, Jay Leisten and Frank D'Armata can be found below.

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