Sylvester Stallone Teases Intense Rambo 5 Workout Regimen in BTS Photo

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Back in May, actor Sylvester Stallone took a lot of fans by surprise when he announced that not only was Rambo V really happening, it was a lot closer than anyone believed, with a release date of 2019. Now, the actor is hard at work, getting his body into shape to once again play the titular character of John Rambo.

On his Instagram page, the actor posted a picture of himself training in his gym. The actor clearly looks like he's going through an insanely difficult session, as evidenced by the sledge hammer in his hands and his gruelling expression. Clearly the 72-year old actor shows that he hasn't lost a single step, despite his age.

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While the actor doesn't reveal anything knew about the upcoming Rambo sequel, his use of the hashtag Rambo 5 confirms that he is currently training for the role. Throughout his career, the action star has always been in great shape, from his roles of Rocky Balboa to The Expendables' Barney Ross, and the actor shows his level of dedication by hitting the gym hard once again.

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Rambo V comes 10 years after the fourth Rambo film hit theaters in 2008. There have been no confirmation about the movie's writer or director at this time. Still, the movie is expected to release in 2019.

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