Sylvester Stallone Reveals Fifth Rambo Film Is 'Last Blood'

After a month or so away from Twitter, Sylvester Stallone reappeared this week with a series of info-packed messages. In addition to showing off his writing space, he also named the fifth -- and possibly final -- entry in the John Rambo saga: Last Blood. Stallone will star and direct alongside Julie Benz who previously appeared in 2008's Rambo and series newcomer and Expendables alum Mickey Rourke.

The writer-actor-director also noted that he will appear in Creed, the Rocky spinoff, and then tackle Scarpa, a biopic about Italian mob enforcer Greg Scarpa.

Rambo first made his way to the big screen in 1982's First Blood, a tale of a Vietnam veteran hassled by small-minded town that went to war against the wrong soldier. That movie has spawned a series of sequels as well as a 1986 animated series, video games and several lines of action figures. Stallone's action comeback started with 2006's Rocky Balboa which carried over into 2008's Rambo and has been going ever since to varying degrees of box office success.

(via MovieWeb)

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