Sylvester Stallone Reportedly in Talks to Return for Rambo 5

Sylvester Stallone is reported to be in talks to star in Rambo 5, which would mark his return to the franchise since 2008's Rambo.

Deadline reports Stallone originally considered directing the fifth installment, but that is no longer being discussed. However, the actor is said to be penning the script with Avi Lerner, his collaborator on the trio of Expendables films.

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The plot for Rambo 5 will revolve around John Rambo leaving the comforts of his ranch to find the kidnapped daughter of a close friend in Mexico, where he will have to contest with a violent drug cartel.

There were talks of rebooting the popular franchise in 2016 with Rambo: First Blood, minus Stallone in the leading role. Also, at one point a TV series was in the cards, but without the actor/director being involved, the project never got off the ground.

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Stallone co-wrote and starred in the 1982 action film First Blood, based on David Morrell’s 1972 novel of the same name about a misunderstood Vietnam War veteran who must use his skills to survive an abusive small-town sheriff. The film spawned three sequels: 1985’s Rambo: First Blood Part II, 1988’s Rambo III and 2008’s Rambo.

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