Sylvester Stallone Blasts Escape Plan 2: Hades

While promoting his latest film, Escape Plan: The Extractors, Sylvester Stallone does not mince words over his dissatisfaction with its predecessor, last year's Escape Plan: Hades.

In a lengthy post on Stallone's Instagram, the actor refers to the first Escape Plan sequel as "truly the most horribly produced film [he] has ever had the misfortune to be." In a video with The Extractors director John Herzfeld, Stallone shares a sneak peek at the new film in the form of an unchoreographed fight scene between him and co-star Devon Sawa.

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Here I am with my lifetime friend , and Director , JOHN HERZFELD , Who directed the upcoming film Escape Plan 3 - The Extractors ! Escape Plan 2 WAS TRULY THE MOST HORRIBLY PRODUCED FILM I have ever had the misfortune to be in , but this new film was made in an extraordinarily short amount of time , 17 nights , dusk till dawn , no breaks , we ate while we worked!!!! The Crew were under unbelievable pressure. . Proud of them! But I wanted this battle be as realistic as possible. I showed up on the site for the big final fight scene that takes place in a very very old cell that is 9‘ x 7 ... they had spent all this time choreographing this Martial arts type of combat. I said forget it. Why don’t we go in there and just let it rip. Like a real fight!!!! . Nobody does this anymore ... NO CUTS! ONE LONG TAKE - No choreography, so you don’t know what’s coming until it hits you. I asked the other actor who has a lot of guts,Devon Sawa , If he was game? I said it’s gonna hurt and he replayed “ bring it “ . So what you see us a portion of the brawl that is completely non - choreographed , spontaneous , again, with no cuts , And no idea , and what punches were coming! The other actor Devon , plays the killer who has accused me of murdering his father which is not true ! Without a doubt the only fight I’ve ever done in my entire career without choreography or without knowing what’s coming !! No one does this anymore - gotta a little adventurous !!! And nuts ... This was tough but worth it! And what I believe makes the audience APPRECIATE the effort and authenticity .... Arriving July 2…. AND It is available on pay-per-view ! KEEP PUNCHING ! #Escape plan 3 THE EXTRACTORS #GrindStone #LionsgateFilms

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The sequence was the first complete fight scene Stallone has ever filmed without any choreography as the two actors traded actual blows during the grueling sequence in a single take.

The Escape Plan franchise follows security expert Ray Breslin who tests the strength of maximum security prisons. Due to his expertise, Ray often finds himself trapped in penitentiaries with only his wits and years of experience to keep him alive.

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Escape Plan: The Extractors is directed by John Herzfeld and stars Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Max Zhang, Harry Shum, Jr., Devon Sawa and Jaime King. It is available now on video-on-demand and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on July 2.

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