Syfy Series Crossover In August: <i>Warehouse 13</i> Meets <i>Eureka</i>

It had to happen: Syfy is taking a leaf from comic book culture and crossing over two of its popular dramas this August, as characters from Warehouse 13 and Eureka switch series for a couple of special episodes.

Interestingly enough, the characters doing the series switch aren't the leads; Eureka's comic relief Douglas Fargo is the one sent to upgrade Warehouse 13's operating system in August 3rd's W13 episode, "13.1," while Claudia Donovan leaves the Warehouse to team up with Sheriff Carter in Eureka's August 6th episode, "Crossing Over." Perhaps this is just a lead-in to something bigger down the line: Crisis On Infinite Comedy-Dramas, anyone?

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