Syfy, Ridley Scott To Adapt '3001: The Final Odyssey' Into Miniseries

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Syfy will adapt Arthur C. Clarke's 3001: The Final Odyssey into a miniseries to be executive produced by Ridley Scott.

As the title indicates, the novel is a sequel to Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey which was adapted into the classic Stanley Kubrick film from 1968. 3001 acts as the fourth and final installment in the series, and kicks off with the reanimation of 2001 lead Frank Poole's frozen body and his return to a drastically changed Earth in the year 3001.

The script for Syfy's adaptation will come from Stuart Beattie (Pirates of the Caribbean); Beattie will also executive produce alongside Ridley Scott and David W. Zucker. This will mark the third novel in Clarke's Space Odyssey series to receive an adaptation. Kubrick's 2001 opened in 1968, the same year as the novel's release. Clarke's follow-up, 1982's 2010: Odyssey Two, was adapted into a feature film in 1984. The third installment, 2061: Odyssey Three, was released in 1987 and has yet to find receive the live-action treatment.

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