Syfy Plans <i>Warehouse 13</i> Spinoff

Syfy is plotting a spinoff of its hit comedy-drama Warehouse 13 that would center on H.G. Wells who, in the series, supplied the ideas for the stories published under that name.

Introduced in the Season 2 premiere, Helena G. Wells was an apprentice agent at the late 19th-century incarnation of the Warehouse, a secret government storehouse for supernatural artifacts. Portrayed by Jaime Murray (Hustle, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena), she was bronzed by her own request following the death of her daughter in 1900, and released in the present, where she proceeded to wreak havoc throughout the season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the spinoff being developed by Warehouse 13 showrunner Jack Kenny and another writer would likely place Wells in an 1890s steampunk setting. There she would use her scientific knowledge to solve murders and other mysteries while rebuffing the efforts of Warehouse 12 to recruit her. The supporting cast would include a mechanical engineer she recruits for assistance, a police commissioner and, presumably, her brother Charles.

Warehouse 13 returns for its third season on July 11.

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