SyFy, Max Landis Developing 'Creepypasta' Horror Anthology Series

Jumping into the the world of creepy Internet memes, Syfy announced plans today to develop a new horror anthology series based on Creepypasta, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

For those not familiar, Creepypasta is an online forum featuring user-submitted horror stories created to unnerve and frighten readers. Its name originated from the term "copypasta," which refers to plagiarized posts that are copied and pasted verbatim as original material.

The anthology series, titled "Channel Zero," will be produced by Max Landis ("Chronicle") and written by Nick Antosca ("Hannibal," the upcoming "Friday the 13th" reboot). Much like "American Horror Story," a new story will unfold over the course of each season. The first will be an adaptation of Kris Straub's creepypasta story, "Candle Cove," which revolves around a terrifying children's show from the '70s that could only be seen by children and somehow relates to a series of gruesome murders.

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