Syfy Lets You Become A (B-)Movie Mogul Online

Convinced that you could do a better job coming up with ideas for monster movies than Syfy's Saturday Night Originals? Now you have a chance to put your money where your mouth is, as the network asks fans for their input.

Syfy is teaming with IGN to launch a new site called B-Movie Mogul where, according to the Hollywood Reporter, fans will be able to

vote and pitch ideas for the film, from title, creatures, wardrobe, dialogue and character deaths to promotional taglines.

Yes, it's moviemaking by online committee - the ultimate in internet crowdsourcing. But is there any way that the results will be any good? The network's EVP of programming and original movies, Thomas Vitale, is putting on a brave face at the very least:

This is where entertainment is going and just the start of many more things of this nature for Syfy... When you have a lot of people working on something, good ideas will come out of it. We will have something that will be entertaining.

The site launches on Friday, offering fans their first choice: Whether the movie should be about aliens in Roswell, New Mexico, a mystery set in the Bermuda Triangle, or an apocalypse happening this very year. So much for my "demon-hunting mailman" idea...

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