SWW Seeking Artist

My pal Adam Knave is looking for an artist for a webcomic project he's planning, so I told him I'd post it here.

Here's Adam -

Adam P. Knave (author of CRAZY LITTLE THINGS and STRANGE ANGEL) is looking for a new collaborator to produce a new, exciting, webcomic. Based in modern times the comic would be both silly and action-packed. Swords, clowns, craziness and the occasional camel would all be needed.

Format sought is full page art, instead of 3 panel comic.

This is a long term project with plans for print publishing at various intervals.

Contact adampknave@gmail.com with art samples, requests for information and flowers.

Adam P. Knavewww.hellblazer.net / www.thefootnote.net

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