Sword & sorcery gets biblical in 'Monomyth'

The sword & sorcery subgenre, by its very definition, is rooted in fantastical worlds populated by sword-wielding heroes and supernatural events. It's a setting writer Siike Donnelly and artist Eric Ninaltowski explore in their three-issue miniseries Monomyth, which draws inspiration from the Bible ... known for its sword-wielding heroes and supernatural events.

Debuting July 30 from OSSM Comics, Monomyth takes the story of Adam and Eve, but arrives at a different result: In this series, Lucifer never fell from Heaven, and instead stopped Adam and Eve from eating from the Tree of Knowledge and being expelled from the Garden of Eden. In this story, it's the archangel Michael who falls from Heaven, and here he's assembled his own army to invade -- and annihilate -- Eden. The unlikely savior for the then-budding human race is the Lucifer and Enoch, known in the Bible as the son of Cain, who is, as Monomyth's creators call him, "rebellious, angry and a natural fighter."

Merging Scripture and sword & sorcery makes for a potent combination, and it'll be interesting to see how Monomyth carries through on the promise of its premise.

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