Sword & Shield Anime: 10 Pokemon We Want To See Ash Catch

If you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, the latest installment of the Pokemon series, Sword and Shield, has finally released on Nintendo's latest console. While there's been a fair bit of controversy over the number of Pokemon from past games you can capture, there's still been a plethora of fans and newcomers enjoying the latest offering from the Pokemon series. So, with a new Pokemon game comes a new season of the TV series for kids and fans to watch. While Ash Ketchum hasn't caught a lot of Pokemon when we last saw him, we're hoping he's able to capture a few more in the latest installment.

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So, here are ten Pokemon we'd love to see Ash capture. If you haven't been playing Sword and Shield or don't know what Pokemon are in it, consider this a SPOILER ALERT!!!

10 Rookidee

Excluding last season, Ash has captured every bird Pokemon that first shows up in each Region. He's captured Pidgeotto, Noctowl, Swellow, and so on. Rookidee would make the perfect first Pokemon for the Alola Champion to catch in the Galar region. Rookidee starts as a small little Pokemon but will eventually become Corviknight, the 2nd pokemon that is both a bird and a Flying/Steel mix. Cross your fingers that He'll add this Pokemon to his team

9 Drednaw

Drednaw was one of the first Pokemon revealed in Sword and Shield. While there's plenty of Water Pokemon to capture, Drednaw is a Snapping Turtle that has both Rock and Water characteristics. Along with its powerful offensive attacks, Drednaw has a sturdy shell that makes it hard for Opponents to take it down.

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It could also be the first Pokemon Ash gets that has a Gigantamax evolution. While Ash could catch another Water Pokemon on this list, we're pulling out hope that he'll mix things up and capture this powerful Pokemon to his collection.

8 Rolycoly

When it comes to Rock Pokemon, Ash hasn't collected that many. The only ones that Ash has caught were Boldore back in Black and White and Rockruff in Sun and Moon. Rolycoly is a new Pokemon as it may start as a Rock with an eye and wheel, its evolutions, Carkol and Coalossal, gain fire traits and moves. With Ash's new companion, Go, getting Scorbunny, it would be wise for Ash to capture a Pokemon that gains Fire traits when it evolves.

7 Clobbobust

Clobbobust is one of the wackier Pokemon introduced in Sword and Shield. This fighting-type is the second Pokemon to resemble an Octopus in the series. Though it's a much slower Pokemon, it makes up for this disadvantage by containing powerful fighting attacks, such as Brick Break, Rock Smash, and much more. When it evolves into the stronger Grapploct, it gains the signature move Octolock, Which prevents Pokemon from running away while lowering its defense and special defense. It would make for an exciting and intimidating Pokemon for Ash to catch.

6 Impidimp

Impidimp is another one of the odder additions to Pokemon Sword and Shield. Unlike a lot of Pokemon that are based on animals, ghosts, and mythological creatures, Impidimp is based on the fictional imp creature. Impidimp has the distinction of being both a dark and fairy type Pokemon, rather than being pure Dark.

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This little imp also has an impressive attack in False Surrender, which makes it fall and use one of its hair braids to strike it. It would be an exciting addition to Ash's line-up, though we wouldn't be surprised if Team Rocket managed to catch this devious looking Pokemon.

5 Cufant

Back in Gold and Silver, Ash received an egg that hatched into a cute, little Phanpy. This little Elephant Pokemon could curl up into a ball and use Rollout to take down opponents. The following season saw Phanpy evolve into a Donphan and was still just as loyal and strong to Ash. With our recent Pokemon Master already having some experience with an Elephant Pokemon, it would be wise for Ash to add a Cutant to his list. This Steel-type Pokemon not only can endure a lot of attacks, but it can also deal a lot out. It's evolved form, Copperajah, can have a Gigantamax form, sweetening the deal for Ash to get this Pokemon on his team.

4 Galar Ponyta

Ash encounters a lot of different Alola variants of the Pokemon he's seen in Kanto. From Rattata to Marowak, he's seen plenty of old Pokemon with new coats of paint. So, we think it would be wise for Ash to catch at least one Galar variant of a Pokemon he's seen. While Galar Farfetch'd, and it's evolution, Sirfetch'd, has been hogging a lot of the spotlight, we think Ash would give Galar Ponyta a shot. He's already befriended and rode one back in Kanto, so it would be safe for him to gain the trust of this version of the Horse Pokemon. You'd even be satisfying the Brony crowd if it evolves into Rapidash.

3 Flapple

Applin is a Pokemon that's an apple... Exciting, we know. This Little Guy may seem like a disappointing Pokemon, but it's the evolved form of Flapple that gets us behind this Pokemon. Whereas Applin's other evolved form, Appletun, specializes in special attack and special defense, Fapple is all about speed and strength.

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This high flying Pokemon is also a Dragon-Type and can learn several Dragon attacks, such as Dragon Pulse and Dragon Rush. He may be a little too odd for Ash, but that doesn't make us pull out hope for Ash catching this weirdo.

2 Grookey

Ash has always caught at least one of the Starter Pokemon in each Region. While we have a feeling that he'll go for Sobble, given the immense praise for it's cute and innocent design, That won't stop us from supporting Grookey. Grookey started as the least favorite of many trainers, but when his evolved forms were leaked, a lot of trainers jumped ships to Grookey. He's become the underdog of Starter Pokemon, giving us hope that we'll see more of this little guy in the series to come. Besides, who doesn't love a good underdog story?

1 Sobble

For Kanto, Johto, and Unova, Ash caught all three, For Alola and Sinnoh, he found the Fire and Grass Starter, and for Hoenn and Kalos, he's captured one. While we're still holding out for Grookey, we can't deny that Sobble is still a likely candidate for Ash to catch in the Sword and Shield series. As mention before, Sobble has won over fans with its precious design and personality. He's a Pokemon that starts shy but slowly evolves into a more confidant Pokemon. It would make for a fun character ark if Sobble were chosen for Ash to catch... even if it's final evolution looks like a cross between Gex the Gecko and the Pink Panther.

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