"Sword of Dracula" team launches "Sylvia Faust" with Alamo Drafthouse Event

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ORANGE, CA -- 16 JUNE, 2004 -- This August, SWORD OF DRACULA writer Jason Henderson teams up with partner Greg Scott (Gotham Central, Strange Magic) to create SYLVIA FAUST, another of the pair's trademark lead females-this time a refugee magic user who falls for the young proprietor of the most unique bar/movie theater in the world. The new series is Henderson and Scott's second series for Image Comics, and their first in full color. Henderson is also involved in the development of the video game and movie versions of SWORD OF DRACULA.

Henderson will launch SYLVIA FAUST by hosting a screening of "Wizard People, Dear Readers," Brad Neely's "Harry Potter riff parody" at the world-famous Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Austin, Texas at 11:59 pm, Saturday night, July 24. The screening is part of a three-day engagement to benefit Cinematexas, the non-profit organization that promotes independent film through its annual Cinematexas International Film Festival.

"Sylvia Faust is a four-issue romantic comedy – a New York story with magic - about Sylvia and Tim Klass, two people from totally different worlds," Henderson explains. "Sylvia is an early-twenties princess from another dimension who's basically a refugee here because she doesn't want to marry the son of an evil Duke back home. She has a cockeyed vocabulary and emotions so strong her sadness makes frogs rain from the sky.

"Her romantic foil (and new boss) Tim runs the Apocalypse Drafthouse, a slightly run-down Greenwich Village movie theater famous for its beer, pizza and all-night marathons where fading celebrities drink and carouse with movie geeks."

"Sylvia Faust is all about the romance, the characters, and the comedy. Greg's art style for Sylvia Faust is very different from what people have seen in the past - it's much more open and clean, with none of the heavy blacks he uses for Dracula or Strange Magic.

"Also, Sylvia Faust is a co-creation of mine and Greg, so we're both into the story. There's no boss, except for the collaboration."

Coloring the book is Leslie Barkley, who also colors Soulcatcher for Henderson at Moonstone.

"All of the action in the story centers around the Apocalypse Drafthouse-a place inspired by the real-life Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, where they do things like show Mexican horror films with live dubbing, and triple-features with guest stars," says Henderson. "Quentin Tarantino does a semi-regular festival at the Alamo where he shows two weeks of whatever he wants, and it's all so unpretentious and cool. Harry Knowles' 24-hour 'Butt-Numb-A-Thon' also happens at the Alamo. And so I watched the cast of characters who move through the Alamo, the stars and the once-stars, the broke students waiting tables and taking tickets, the harried and crazed manager, and realized, this is a place for a really wonderful romance. So that's what we made."

Henderson and Scott previously launched SWORD OF DRACULA at an event called Dracula Night at the Alamo.

In "Wizard People, Dear Readers," artist Brad Neely performs a running monologue over the entirety of HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER's STONE, including voices and sound effects. The result, as chronicled by the New York Times, has been an underground hit.

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is Austin's only independently owned and operated movie theater. Their website and calendar can be found at http://www.drafthouse.com.

Cinematexas is a non-profit arts organization that strives to provide a hospitable, diverse and ever-expanding space for landmark films. The Cinematexas International Film Festival website is at http://www.cinematexas.org/.

SYLVIA FAUST #1 is available for order in the June issue of Previews and will go on sale August 18.

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