"Sword Of Dracula," "Invincible" Creators Kick Off Monthly Incarnation Of "Digital Webbing Presents"

Official Press Release

Haverhill, MA, June 7, 2004 -- Noted Image creators Jason Henderson (SWORD OF DRACULA) and Ryan Ottley (INVINCIBLE) lend their talents to DIGITAL WEBBING #15, the first monthly issue of the acclaimed collaborative anthology.

Ottley (known as "Uncle Wya" to his fans) illustrates "Carnival Law," a "Twilight Zone"-esque tale written by Jon Hook (ARCHEON). "It's about a rotten little kid who taunts the sideshow freaks in a traveling carnival. And as you know, carnie freaks can only take so much before they snap and justice must be served!" explains Hook.

"Jon wrote the script with me in mind, and I read it and loved it!" says Ottley, recently the subject of a NEWSARAMA profile article. "Jon did an awesome job, and I had a ton of fun making up these characters."

Jon Hook explains further: "I created this story after seeing the sketches Ryan has posted on his website. Some of his characters are so wild and crazy and fun looking that I knew I had to create a story that would play to Ryan's artistic strengths. It was then that I thought to write a story about carnival freaks, and the rest of the story just flowed from that."

Jason Henderson (SWORD OF DRACULA) and artist Lou Manna give us a peek into the world of SOULCATCHER in a brand new story written especially for this issue of DWP. SOULCATCHER, currently published by Moonstone books, is the story of a young widow who comes to New Orleans in search of the ghost of her dead husband. Instead, she discovers that she has the power to absorb the abilities of the recently dead - and uncovers a mystery that the spirit world would kill to protect.

Also featured in the issue:

"Gladiatrix" by Kel Nuttall and Ryan Sergeant tells the classic tale of David and Goliath with a new spin. "Deeper Blue" by A. David Lewis, Jason Copland and Jason Narvaez follows in the tradition of "man-versus-machine" action tales and "mad scientist" sci-fi suspense.

"The Revisionist" is back in a new tale by Chad Lambert, Steve Powell and Jeremy Freeman. "Spook'd" by Jeffery Stevenson and Seth Damoose and "Just Another Wednesday" by Ev Jameson and Justin Peterson fill out the rest of the issue.

The issue is wrapped in a full-color cover by artist Nar (SNAKE PLISSKEN), echoing the "Carnival Law" story. "I pictured the freaks in a threatening manner, as if they were trying to ward away trespassing kids," the artist explains. "I also wanted to give it my usual tongue in cheek touch to the cover and had lots of fun doing it!"

The cover is colored by James Offredi (MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE) and Brian Dittfield.

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #15, priced at $2.95, has an on-sale date of June 9th.

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