"Sword of Dracula" descends on Clickwheel

Official Press Release

The vampires-versus-commandos comic series Sword of Dracula is now available for reading on the iPhone through publisher Clickwheel. The military horror series, called "creepy cool" by Entertainment Weekly and "the coolest interpretation of Dracula in years" by Cinescape, is available in seven individual chapters or as a collected graphic novel.

With a look described as "Black Hawk Dracula," Sword of Dracula tells the story of Veronica "Ronnie" Van Helsing, a commando who leads a vast spy organization against Dracula, here seen as a powerful, globe-trotting terrorist who controls blood in order to create weapons and materials. A followup mini-series, Sword of Dracula: The Dracula War, from publisher Digital Webbing, will be released beginning in December on both the iPhone and retail racks.

"Sword of Dracula is a story for fans of action and horror-- and thanks to Clickwheel, we can get it into the hands of people who would never pick up a graphic novel," said creator Jason Henderson. "Clickwheel can change the landscape of comics publishing."

Clickwheel is a digital media company that specializes in distributing comics and other digital media to digital media players. Clickwheel is home to hundreds of comics including the UK's premiere comic publication, 2000AD.

For more information on Clickwheel contact Tim Demeter at tim'at'clickwheel.net or look for Clickwheel on the iPhone App Store or online at http://clickwheel.net . For more information on Sword of Dracula and the upcoming Sword of Dracula: The Dracula War, see http://swordofdracula.com .

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