Sword Art Online: 10 Amazing Works Of Fan Art That We Love

Sword Art Online has gathered a huge group of fans worldwide. Among those, there are talented fans who are able to put pen to paper and create wonderful works of art featuring the characters of the show. Each has their own style and their own themes, and it is always a pleasure to look through what these fan artists can cook up with nothing more than imagination and the willingness to draw it out.

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So, let's take a moment to honor ten of the most beautiful fan arts that pay homage to Sword Art Online, because all of these artists deserve some accolades and recognition!

10 Cute Couple By Nicolat

If there was one thing that brought Asuna and Kirito some levity to the life and death game known as Sword Art Online, it was each other. Even among the dangers of an online world where death in the game meant death in real life, Asuna and Kirito were able to lean on each other for support. And they found a wonderful relationship because of it.

The couple as cute as ever in Nicolat's fan art. A seeming nod to the few episodes dedicated to their growing relationship in the game, it is warm, it is fuzzy, and is as adorable as teenage love can be. If you want to check out more of Nicolat's work, check it out here.

9 Asuna and Yuuki By E

Now it's time for another adorable pair. Their meeting was ill-fated in the game but that doesn't make it any less important. Yuuki seemed to be a chipper girl without a care in the world in Alfheim Online, but was truly suffering from AIDS in the outside world. As a last-ditch effort to leave her name and the names of the rest of her guild members (who all suffered from diseases) into Alfheim Online, she recruited Asuna to have her and her guild be the first to defeat one of the floor bosses in the world.

From there a wonderful relationship formed between the two girls. Almost like sisters, they got along swimmingly and were able to eventually defeat the floor boss with only a small group of people. Soon letting Yuuki pass away in peace. Asuna and Yuuki's wonderful but short relationship the focus of this amazing piece of E's art.

8 Sinon By 中村エイト

Sinon is one badass chick, and this artwork certainly shows it. In Gun Gale Online she is a sniper who can pull off one in a million shots with ease against even the most experienced player. Making her a force to be reckoned with and respected in the online world.

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Here we have Sinon doing was she does best, being a badass. The girl is cool and confident with a sniper rifle her hands in 中村エイト's fan art. One would never guess that her real-life counterpart, Asada Shino, has a fear of guns.

7 Silica and Pina By sho

Asuna wasn't the only girl Kirito met in Sword Art Online, Kirito actually had adventures with a whole assortment of girls throughout his time in that dangerous world. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Thankfully, his time with Silica ended up being one of his better adventures in the virtual world.

Where Silica is, her dragon pet named Pina is not too far behind. She grew quite attached to the Feathered Little Dragon during her time in Sword Art Online and they became inseparable. Just like in the sho's picture, Pina is almost always around Silica.

6 Asuna By Axsens

Unfortunately, for most of the introductory arc of Alfheim Online, Asuna was relegated to a damsel in distress. Confined to the top of a tall tower and caged away against her will, she had small moments of resistance including an attempt to escape, but was mostly relegated to waiting for Kirito to arrive for most of the arc.

Here we have a version of Asuna if she had more freedom in that arc. Rapier in hand, she seems to fly freely through the clouds in Axsens' picture. Something that would have been nice to see more of in the arc where she was captured.

5 Leafa By HUA-J

Speaking of flying free, if there is one aspect of Leafa most associated with her character, it isn't her magic, and it isn't her combat abilities, but it is the way she soars through the clouds in Alfheim Online. Responsible for teaching Kirito how to fly in the first place, she seems to be a master at it.

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Thankfully, HUA-J seems to have drawn her in her natural habitat. Looking as natural as a flying bird with her wings spread and a confident smile on her face, she looks right at home hundreds of feet off the ground.

4 Parents And Child By 花吹雪でらっくす。

Asuna and Kirito's relationship with each other was not the only thing to give the duo strength in their times of need, they also found a source of inspiration in a little Artificial Intelligence Counseling Program call Yui. Otherwise known as their wonderful baby girl.

She appeared as suddenly in their life as anyone would expect, but that didn't stop them from building a relationship beyond casual acquaintances between them and the little girl. The couple treated her just as preciously as they would their real child, or at least enough to take a wonderful family photo like in 花吹雪でらっくす。's picture.

3 Nice To Meet You! By Gocoli

Here is something that would be nice to see. Eugeo is a new face for the anime-only fans of the franchise. Apparently, he is Kirito's childhood friend in the confines of whatever world they are both stuck in, and they form a relationship, just as close in the anime. So it would make sense for Kirito to introduce Eugeo to his friends.

Whether that is actually going to happen, who knows! But it is a nice sight to see Kirito introducing his friend to his other companions. Something that Gocoli captures well in his picture. If you want to see more of his great art, check'em out here.

2 Us Vs The World By Nineo

Here's a more action-centered piece. It seems obvious that Kirito is one of the best players in any video game he happens to take part in, but it would be best to remember that Klein is just as accomplished as he is. The leader of a guild that participated in clearing the floor bosses in Sword Art Online, the fact that he survived the whole ordeal means that he is no chump when it comes to gaming.

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Still, with that said, I think they are outnumbered. Even the most skilled players have to run away at some time, and when facing down to two players that survived the harsh virtual reality of Sword Art Online, who wouldn't run? Those other people in Nineo's artwork are out of luck, but maybe there is some better opportunities for them in Nineo's other artwork (fat chance!).

1 The Whole Gang By 結城辰也

Let's take things outside of the virtual world for once. Despite most of them meeting in-game, the cast of Sword Art Online has managed to take their friendship into the real world. Their friendships are real and valid inside and outside of the game world, even when their lives aren't in danger.

So, it is nice to see them enjoying some time out of the game with each other. 結城辰也 giving us what looks to be a casual afternoon among the group of lifelong friends might look like. Simply enjoying each other and the company they bring.

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