How Is That Not Swamp Thing?

First up is Bernie Wrightson's story, "Things Old... Things Forgotten," which was published in House of Mystery #195, which actually came out AFTER House of Secrets in mid-1971, but the art is specifically dated 1968, so it is almost certainly an inventory story that just got published later on. It is a striking visual prototype for Swamp Thing...

Next is Phantom Stranger #14, which actually came out right around the same time as House of Secrets #92, but goodness, check out this Neal Adams cover!

Len Wein and Tony DeZuniga tell a Doctor Thirteen story involving a swamp creature...

Crazy stuff, right?

Thanks for the suggestion, Ola!

Okay, folks, you MUST have some suggestions for other characters and/or plots that fit into this theme! So drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com for future installments!

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