What If Swamp Thing and Groot Swapped Their Debut Covers?

Every week, we feature The Line it is Drawn, where our group of amazing artists draw your suggestions based on different themes every week. Every year, we also have a special edition called "Thanksgiving Leftovers," where our artists can finish up pieces that they never got around to completing during the rest of the year. However, sometimes, our artists also just do additional pieces for Thanksgiving Leftovers. In the case of Nick Perks, he decided he wanted to do a bookend to a piece he did a few years ago and you know what, I thought it was such a funny idea that I decided that I would spotlight it now rather than making us wait for Thanksgiving, paired with the first cover that made up the bookend piece.

A couple of weeks ago, the theme was "I Can't Believe It's Not Batman!" where our artists swapped out analogues for characters for the characters who inspired them (so Hyperion on a Superman cover, Darkwing Duck on a Batman cover, etc.). Well, reader werehawk1 suggested

Tales to Astonish 13 with Swamp Thingy

Years earlier, for a classic DC Comics cover homage week, werehawk1 had also suggested

House of Secrets 92 with Groot

Here is the original Tales to Astonish #13, from 1960, with art by Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko...

And then, from 11 years later, is House of Secrets #92, with art by Bernie Wrightson...

The woman on the cover, by the way, was based on future comic book writer and editor, Louise Simonson (she was Louise Jones at the time).

First off, just let me note that here is Nick Perks' website.

Okay, here is Groot on House of Secrets #92....

and now here is Swamp Thing on Tales to Astonish #13...

Great stuff, Nick!

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