Swamp Thing Alum Believes Lucifer-esque Fan Support Can Resurrect the Show

DC Universe original series Swamp Thing was cancelled before the conclusion of its first and only season. Among those heartbroken by the news was actor Ian Ziering, who portrays Blue Devil on the live-action series.

Ziering referred to the surprise cancellation shortly after its series premiere in May as "the biggest disappointment of my professional career," while reflecting on the series at the premiere of his Syfy original television movie Zombie Tidal Wave.

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"I was reliving my youth, and the fun of the 8-year-old inside of me getting to play the Blue Devil, working with Derek Mears and Crystal Reed, and all the people on that show," Ziering told Syfy about his time working on the series. "James Wan… it was such an unbelievable show. It’s very sad that that ended with 10 episodes, unfinished. I know they had plans for so many.”

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Despite the cancellation, Ziering and co-star Derek Mears hope that an outpouring of fan support can revive the series, similar to how Lucifer was picked up by Netflix after fan outcry following its cancellation by Fox.

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"I think it's entirely possible," Ziering said about the chances of Swamp Thing being resurrected by similar fan response. The series finale premiered on August 2 on DC Universe.

Now streaming on DC Universe, Swamp Thing stars Crystal Reed, Andy Bean, Derek Mears, Jennifer Beals, Henderson Wade, Will Patton, Virginia Madsen, Jeryl Prescott and Kevin Durand. The series is available to stream in its entirety.

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