Swamp Thing Bug Man Concept Art is Creepy and Crawly

Concept artist Jerad S. Marantz has released concept art for the Bug Man from DC Universe's short-lived Swamp Thing series.

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Marantz shared the image of the zombie character while thanking Justin Rielie for bringing him on the show and wishing he could have been able to lend his talents to a second season. Described as a "Bug Man," the character appears to have maggots covering his body, even coming out of his mouth.

Throughout the series, a recurring threat on the show were zombies that had been reanimated by vines in the swamp. Micah Fitzgerald's character in the series, Munson, later known as "The Rot," is killed and reanimated by bugs, but it is unclear if the concept art was intended for him or another unused character, possibly for the unmade second season.

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The show's first season was originally intended to last 13 episodes but was eventually cut to just 10, having effectively been canceled after one episode was released. At this time, it is a little unclear why the show was canceled.

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There had been speculation that a budgeting issue could have been an issue; the show qualified for a multimillion-dollar funding grant in North Carolina, where it was shot, but an error caused officials to believe the grant fund accidentally gave the show millions more, although the mistake was eventually resolved.

The series was DC Universe's third live-action show after Titans and Doom Patrol.

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