<i>Survivor: Redemption Island</i> Cast List Announced

When Survivor returns in February for its 22nd season of television, fans have a few surprises in store for them. For one, Redemption Island has a built-in new rule where contestants aren't voted out of the game at Tribal Council; instead, they're sent to the titular Redemption Island, a place where they can compete for an opportunity to return to the game at a later date. Calling that a game-changer is an understatement, to say the least.

But the real surprise is that two former contestants are returning for another shot at the million dollar paycheck. Entertainment Weekly has a rundown of the 18 cast members vying for the title of Sole Survivor this season, with two currently unrevealed veterans tapped to "lead their tribes into battle." The identities of the two contestants will be revealed later in the week, though many Survivor junkies have already known who these two players are for several months now. No spoilers here, but you can find out their identities for yourself by clicking here -- proceed at your own risk!

The other 16 contestants are all new to the game, including former NFL players Steve Wright and Grant Mattos, 2009 Miss USA contestant Ashley Underwood and Auburn University's former head cheerleader Krista Klumpp. Check out the full list of contestants -- sans alumni -- below, courtesy of EW.

Andrea BoehlkeAge: 21Occupation: StudentCurrent residence: Random Lake, WI

Ashley UnderwoodAge: 26Occupation: Business owner/modelCurrent residence: Benton, ME

David MurphyAge: 31Occupation: Criminal defense attorneyCurrent residence: Los Angeles, CA

Francesca HogiAge: 35Occupation: LawyerCurrent residence: Washington, D.C.

Grant MattosAge: 29Occupation: Personal Trainer/ Former NFL playerCurrent residence: West Hollywood, CA

Julie WolfeAge: 50Occupation: Fire department engineerCurrent residence: Oceanside, CA

Krista KlumppAge: 25Occupation: Pharmaceutical sales repCurrent residence: Fairhope, AL

Kristina KellAge: 46Occupation: Law studentCurrent residence: Los Angeles, CA

Matthew ElrodAge: 22Occupation: Pre-med studentCurrent residence: Nashville, TN

Mike ChiselAge: 31Occupation: Realtor/ex-militaryCurrent residence: Del Mar, CA

Natalie TenerelliAge: 19Occupation: Dancer/studentCurrent residence: Acton, CA

Phillip SheppardAge: 52Occupation: CEO, Enterprise Software Sales GroupCurrent residence: Santa Monica, CA

Ralph KiserAge: 45Occupation: FarmerCurrent residence: Lebanon, VA

Sarita WhiteAge: 36Occupation: Visual effects producerCurrent residence: Santa Monica, CA

Stephanie ValenciaAge: 26Occupation: Server/studentCurrent residence: Long Beach, CA

Steve WrightAge: 51Occupation: Former NFL playerCurrent residence: Huntington Beach, CA

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