<i>Survivor: Nicaragua</i> Cast List Revealed

The official cast list has been announced for Survivor: Nicaragua, the 21st season of the Emmy award-winning reality television series. This season features twenty contestants split down the axis by age — the La Flor tribe, consisting of players under the age of 30, and the Espada tribe, with competitors over the age of 40.

Even before the season has aired, at least one competitor is already making a splash: Jimmy Johnson, a two-time Super Bowl winning football coach who retired over ten years ago. At 67 years old, Johnson joins the Survivor halls of history as the second oldest player to participate in the game, surpassed only by original Survivor competitor Rudy Boesch.

In addition to Johnson, the new Survivor cast includes young Kelly Bruno, an amputee who lost her right leg at six years old due to a birth defect, according to Entertainment Weekly. She is the second amputee to play the game of Survivor following Chad Crittenden, the eighth place finisher on the show's Vanuatu edition.

New gameplay elements have been included for Nicaragua, such as the Medallion of Power. The Medallion can be used by a tribe to give itself an advantage during an immunity challenge, but once used, the Medallion is given to the rival tribe to use whenever it sees fit. In order to accommodate the generation gap between tribes, this season's challenges will be less physical than in years past.

Survivor: Nicaragua premieres on September 15 at 8:00 PM. The full tribe list is below, courtesy of E! Online.

La Flor TribeAlina Wilson, 23; student/modelBen "Benry" Henry, 24; bar ownerBrenda Lowe, 27; business owner, former Miami Dolphins cheerleaderChase Rice, 24; NASCAR jackman/singerJudson Birza, 21; student/model/musicianKelly Bruno, 25; medical student, amputee triathleteKelly Shinn, 20; studentMatthew "Sash" Lenahan, 30; luxury brokerNaOnka Mixon, 27; P.E. teacherShannon Elkins, 30; business owner

Espada TribeDan Lembo, 63; property managementHolly Hoffman, 44; swim coachJane Bright, 56; dog trainerJillian Behm, 43; ER physicianJimmy Johnson, 67; retired NFL coach/TV sports broadcasterJimmy Tarantino, 48; fisherman/government seafood inspectorMarty Piombo, 48; wine industry executiveTyrone Davis, 42; fire captainWendy Jo DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, 48; retired army officerYve Rojas, 41; stay-at-home mom

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