<i>Survivor</i> Contract Promises "Severe Mental Stress"

The contract that contestants on CBS' Survivor receive has leaked online, and it's got some interesting stuff in there... including, worryingly enough, asking the contestant to agree to "severe mental stress."

The Hollywood Reporter's THR, Esq. blog has seen the contract, and reports on a few unusual clauses:

As in most reality show deals, contestants must sign away various rights and not hold CBS liable for a multitude of claims. For instance, contestants agree they'll be subjecting themselves to risks including "severe mental stress," agree to be considered an "employee of Producer" for the purposes of workers' compensation only, and agree not to defame the producer or CBS.

Contestants also promise to keep prize winnings secret, be available for press, submit to psychological exams and lie detector tests, refuse contact with past cast members until after the finale, and give CBS an exclusive option to enter them into "a talent hold agreement."

The penalty for violating the confidentiality agreement is $5 million.

The talent hold option is surprising, until you think about it - Clearly, CBS is looking for breakout stars right from the start of the casting process, and ready to jump on any possibility of a new viewer favorite. What happens if you don't want to be a CBS star...?

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