Surprise! Marvel Just Blew Up the Internet

I say this not as a criticism, as it's all good to me, but it is pretty surprising that Marvel decided to just abruptly drop a number of major bombshells all at once today. I know it is a response to DC's announcements, but I figured Marvel would wait for some big event to announce of all these big pieces of news. Still, these are some awesome announcements!

Captain Marvel getting her own movie?

Black Panther getting his own movie (played by the great Chad Boseman)?

The Inhumans getting their own movie?

Captain America 3: Civil War?

Avengers: Infinity War getting two movies?

Any one of those announcements (okay, not so much the Inhumans one) would be huge news and Marvel has announced them all at once.

That's a lot of cool movies coming and it's particularly great to see Captain Marvel getting her own movie (and it is also cool that Marvel cast such an awesome choice for T'Challa).

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