"Surge Order" Sends Fans on a Comic-Con Scavenger Hunt for Rare Comics

If you've ever been out on a busy night using a ride-sharing service like Uber, you're probably aware of "surge" pricing. In times of increased demand for rides, the rates go up. Most users tolerate the higher fees, but some are ready to protest the policy -- in a rather creative way.

A purported group called "Surge Order," whose stated mission is to "eradicate surge pricing by any means necessary," wants to help Comic-Con International in San Diego attendees keep their money during peak times when traveling around the city. The group also claims to have hidden three extremely valuable, CGC-graded Silver Age comics around San Diego. A mysterious man in a mask -- very much emulating the feel of hacker groups like Anonymous -- spoke about Surge Order's mission in a video posted on the group's website.

According to the site, Surge Order will hold a "Beat the Surge" scavenger hunt to find rare comic books in the city of San Diego from July 21-24. They allege to have copies of "Amazing Spider-Man" #1, "Avengers" #1 and "Daredevil" #1 hidden around town -- interested participants will have to text 650-262-5837 with "Join Surge Order" and the number 1, 2, or 3, depending on the given day. The service will text back clues to find more codes spray painted on the ground. Texting those additional codes will reveal more clues; on the last location, users will find a member of "Surge Order" to verify the win, and give the winner one of the three comics.

As anti-establishment as the site and accompany video may seem, the promotion is actually sponsored by Car2Go (the video is posted to the company's YouTube channel). Car2Go -- a wholly-owned subsidiary of automotive giant Daimler AG -- is a smart ride service, where you can locate and reserve Car2Go vehicles using their app. The app also lets you unlock the car, and then leave the vehicle anywhere within the home area when you're done.

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