Surface Tension #2

Story by
Art by
Jay Gunn
Cover by
Titan Comics

• Jay Gunn's magnificent eco-horror fable continues, as more clues to the horrific coral incursion are revealed!

• Yesterday, Megumi Suzuki and Ryan Fisher walked out of the waves - the first human beings to return from the primordial soup to which almost all of humanity has been reduced!

• What secrets are locked up in their memories, their genetic make-up, their now-blue skin?

• They didn't return alone... something horrific, mindless, monstrous, has followed them from the ocean. And it won't stop until they have been reunited... or destroyed!

• PLUS: in the past, see what brought Ryan and Shauna together - and the fault-lines that divided the island community even before the Sea Sickness hit!

• Witness the last days of life as we know it!

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