Support Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan's Joe Frankenstein!

Something I come across very often in the comments section of this site is people bemoaning the lack of comics written by Chuck Dixon at Marvel and DC, especially DC, where Dixon had so many successful and acclaimed runs on books like Detective Comics, Robin and Nightwing. Therefore, it surprises me a bit when Dixon launched a funding campaign at Indiegogo for his brand new series of original graphic novels with artist Graham Nolan (who created Bane with Dixon and worked together with Dixon for an acclaimed run on Detective Comics) and so far has only seen $4,000 or so raised. Just people who have complained to me that Dixon doesn't get enough work chipping in $15 would add a grand or so.


So come on, folks, Dixon and Nolan, back together again! Go fund this baby! I contributed enough to get a signed first edition, but just $15 gets you a PDF of the book.

Here's a description of the book:

Joe Pratt is seventeen and in his last year of living in a foster home before moving on to the rest of his life. He’s delivering pizzas now but has no clue as to what he wants to do about his future.

All of that changes when he’s attacked by a houseful of vampires and rescued by none other than Frankenstein’s Monster. The Monster reveals to Joe that he is the descendent of Baron Victor vonFrankenstein . The most famous undead creation the world has ever known has been watching over Joe since birth; staying to the shadows to protect him from… The Bride.


Here's the fund link.

Read on for some sample pages!

Nolan is awesome. Such clean, fluid lines.

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