15 Supervillains And Superheroes You Never Knew Were Married

A great man once said that love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. And it's true; when a couple reaches that point in the relationship where love is unquestionable, wedding bells are sure to follow. But while this adage might apply to average joes, the same cannot be said of the super-powered. After all, with great powers come great responsibility, and great responsibility means a lifetime of using those powers to make a living. Whether you commit yourself to fighting the forces of evil, or you would prefer to use your abilities to grind humanity under your boot heel, being super powered is a full time gig.

Thus, weddings can be downright impossible, what with civilians to save and costumed do-gooders to fight. But a handful of characters, both good and evil, have managed to balance costumed life with domestic life. Some of these characters have managed to remain happily married, while others have seen their wedded bliss come crashing down around them. Marriage is tough enough as is, let alone when spandex costumes and superhuman abilities are involved. So CBR cordially invites you to join us as we cue up "Here Comes The Bride" and bring you the definitive list of 15 supervillains and superheroes you never knew were married!


Oftentimes, couples aren't brought together by what they like; rather, it is their dislikes that cause sparks to fly. And it was hatred for the government of Krypton and a general dislike of all things good that brought General Zod and Ursa together. Their shared hatred has kept these lovebirds happily married for more than 50 years.

Originally united over a desire to topple the government of Krypton and assume control of the planet, General Zod and his wife Ursa now spend their days alternating between being trapped in the Phantom Zone and trading punches with Superman. The couple even had a son, Lor-Zod, who would come to Earth and receive tutelage under Superman, before turning on his birth parents and pursuing a career as a superhero. Zod and Ursa may be crummy parents, but you know the old saying: "The couple that tries to rule a planet with an iron fist together, stays together."


Many superheroes struggle to juggle a life of superheroics and a stable relationship. After all, it can be hard to find time to meet the parents and catch a movie when you're constantly fighting evil and saving the planet. But one super-couple from the Great White North have managed to balance crime fighting and married life perfectly: James and Heather Hudson, a.k.a. Guardian and Vindicator.

As founding members of the Canadian super-team Alpha Flight, Guardian and Vindicator have fought the good fight and saved the country numerous times. Over their 37 year career, the couple has managed to co-lead a successful super-team, return from the dead, have a daughter named Claire, and even swapped codenames for a while. While plenty of superhero relationships have come and gone, Guardian and Vindicator have managed to make a life of marriage and superpowers look downright easy.


The term "star-crossed lovers" is thrown around a lot, but when it came to Professor Charles Xavier and Lilandra Neramani, this term was particularly apt. After all, a powerful mutant from Earth and a princess from the Shi'ar Empire seem like an odd pairing, but for a time, these two were happily married.

Xavier and Lilandra met on Earth, but love would blossom when Professor X and his X-Men saved Lilandra from a plot masterminded by the power-hungry Emperor D'Ken. When Lilandra became Empress of the Shi'ar Empire, she took Xavier as her consort, marrying the telepathic mutant in an extravagant wedding. Unfortunately, the villainous Cassandra Nova would later take over the body of Xavier and use the mutant's powers to control Lilandra and instigate a war. Once clear of Nova's influence, Lilandra had her marriage to Xavier annulled, putting an end to this once promising union.


As the former leader of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants and the individual responsible for ripping the adamantium from Wolverine's bones, Magneto doesn't exactly seem the warm-and-fuzzy type. But before he earned the title of Master of Magnetism, he was Max Eisenhardt, loving husband of Magda Eisenhardt.

The pair met on the cusp of World War II, with the young Max delighting in creating necklaces and trinkets for Magda. In the War, Max was recruited to serve as a member of the guard force of Auschwitz, where Max learned that his beloved Magda had been brought to rot due to her Romani heritage. Max managed to smuggle Magda out during a guard uprising, and the lovers fled, moving from village to village, with marriage and a daughter soon following. Unfortunately, a house fire trapped the couple's daughter Anya, and Max was prevented from rescuing her, causing his mutant powers to manifest. Magda was chased by the unruly mob into the wilderness, where she later died.


Johnny Storm has always been a man of passion. After all, the loud-mouthed hot-head has made a career of living in the moment and following his heart. But his heart got him into serious trouble when he married Ben Grimm's former crush Alicia Masters, only to later find out that his new bride was a Skrull!

While The Thing and Alicia did the "will they, won't they" dance for many years, The Thing elected to stay behind on the fearsome Battleworld, leaving Johnny to travel home and inform Alicia that Grimm might not return. Over the following months, Alicia and Johnny grew closer, even after The Thing returned to Earth. Eventually, Alicia and the Torch would marry in a private ceremony. Problem is, it was soon revealed that "Alicia Masters" was actually the Skrull Lyja, who had replaced Alicia and strung Storm along to infiltrate the Fantastic Four and destroy the team. Lyja would be defeated, and the real Alicia would be rescued with their marriage officially annulled.


Jean-Paul Beaubier, better known as Northstar, has been fighting the forces of evil since 1979, first as a member of Alpha Flight before going on to join the X-Men. Persecuted for his mutant powers, Beaubier found further persecution as an openly gay man, encountering hate and ignorance wherever he went. But the very-vocal Northstar has never been one to let others dictate his path in life, becoming a dependable member of the X-Men and eventually becoming the first gay member of the team to get married.

In 2012, Northstar made history by marrying his boyfriend Kyle Kinadu in Astonishing X-Men #51. The extravagant ceremony, attended by members of X-Men and Alpha Flight, saw the at times combative Canadian mutant show his softer side as he exchanged vows with Kyle. While Northstar hasn't popped up too much since the nuptials, the pair remained happily wed.


Patrolling space as an intergalactic cop is a tough job. Wielding a ring that allows your thoughts to become manifest is also tough. Oftentimes, when a person finds themselves in a unique situation in which few others would understand their burden, they look for comfort from like-minded people. This is just what happened when John Stewart married fellow Green Lantern Katma Tui.

When Hal Jordan resigned from the Green Lantern Corps, Katma Tui would tap John Stewart to fill the vacant position. The pair worked closely together, training, fighting, and eventually falling in love. Stewart and Tui would be wed in a ceremony on Earth, attended by friends, family, and fellow Green Lanterns. Unfortunately, Katma would die at the hands of Star Sapphire, robbing John Stewart of his happiness. Katma would later be resurrected, only to die again at the hands of Parallax. Forcing to watch your wife die twice is a special kind of tough, and John Stewart has never remarried.


Most heroes don't get a happy ending. When you spend your life devoting yourself to fighting for good, often, the rest of your life can fall by the wayside, leading to a life of loneliness. For a time, Miguel O'Hara, better known as Spider-Man 2099, was able to achieve the ultimate happy ending with Xina Kwan, before life threw him a curveball.

Miguel and Xina met as children, growing into lifelong friends and eventually a couple. As Miguel assumed the mantle of Spider-Man 2099, his personal life suffered, with Xina leaving Miguel after the hero cheated on her. Eventually, the pair would mend their relationship, becoming close friends and confidants. Eventually, Miguel would save the planet from destruction, marrying Xina and ushering the world of 2099 into a utopia. Unfortunately, time shenanigans would shunt Miguel into the past, where he remains stuck, not knowing what has become of his wife. Talk about a tough shockin' break.


Sure, the trigger-happy mercenary known as Deathstroke seems to have more kids than he has guns, with his children popping up through the years to both aid and threaten the Teen Titans, but it can be easy to forget that Deathstroke's rugrats all had to come from somewhere. Turns out, Slade Wilson once had himself a loving wife and a beautiful family, only for Slade's lifestyle to cause it to all fall apart.

Slade met Adeline Kane while both were in the U.S. military, with the pair eloping soon after. After Slade was expelled from the military, he would begin his new life as a for-hire assassin, unbeknownst to his wife. During this time, Adeline gave birth to two sons, Grant and Joseph, and life was good. Unfortunately, Slade's job caused Joseph to be kidnapped and almost killed. When Adeline learned of Slade's deception and endangering of her child, she opted to shoot her husband, and when he managed to survive, a divorce followed. Talk about a messy break-up.


The role of Sorcerer Supreme seems like a full time gig; after all, when Dr. Stephen Strange isn't busy battling the forces of evil, he's working to keep magic in check. As a result, juggling these responsibilities and a love life seems impossible. But Strange made it work for Clea.

Born of a tryst between a Prince from the Dark Dimension and the sister of the dread Dormammu, Clea had a rocky upbringing, but the sorcerer only wished to help others. Clea would helped Strange defeat her uncle Dormammu, and love blossomed. Over the years, the pair embarked on many adventures, and Clea would eventually gain the throne of the Dark Dimension, with the lovers marrying soon after. Unfortunately, when Clea was booted from the throne by Dormammu and forced to return to Earth, Clea found herself growing distant from Strange, and the couple would go on to separate, with Clea returning to the Dark Dimension and Strange resuming his watch over the Mystic Arts, alone.


With his backward ways and child-like mind, Bizarro doesn't exactly seem like an eligible bachelor. But it turns out there really is someone for everyone out there; case in point, Bizarro Lois. When Lex Luthor hit Lois Lane with a duplicator ray, it led to the creation of a Bizarro Lois. Much like Bizarro, Bizarro Lois delighted in the backwards and the bizarre, and Bizarro dubbed the new creature the perfect mate.

The lovebirds would soon after marry and depart to found Bizarro World, where the couple would give birth to a child named Baby Buster. Not sure why he wasn't named Babyzarro, but we digress. In later iterations of the character, Bizarro Lois was created when Bizarro gained the ability to spawn new lifeforms after being bathed in the rays of a blue sun. No matter the origin, the results are the same; these two lovebirds were made for each other.


Oftentimes, relationships can begin in the most unusual ways. Perhaps a spilled glass of wine on just the right person, or an awkward shared taxi ride. But as far as weird relationship origins go, the polyamorous marriage of Scandal Savage, Knockout, and Liana Kerzner takes the cake.

Scandal and Knockout were close as lovers could be, even fighting side-by-side on the Secret Six. Unfortunately, the Apokolips-born Knockout was murdered by Infinity-Man, who was on a covert mission to murder all of the New Gods. Distraught, Scandal sought solace in the arms of Liana Kerzner, a stripper who happened to resemble her slain partner. As this is comics, Knockout did not stay dead for long, and when the titanic redhead returned to life, she wished to resume her life with Scandal. Scandal proposed a polyamorous relationship between the two super-villains and the doppelgänger stripper, and the three were wed in a polyamorous wedding, and remain married to this day.


The cold, calculating Mr. Sinister certainly doesn't seem the type to go home to a doting wife and live a happy life of marriage. But before Sinister was Sinister, he was Nathaniel Essex, a biologist in 19th century London married to the beautiful Rebecca Essex.

While Rebecca loved Nathaniel deeply, the biologist preferred to devote himself to his work in evolution. Nathaniel believed that ethics were holding the field of evolutionary study back, and the deeply twisted biologist resorted to unorthodox, highly unethical tests in pursuit of further knowledge of the so-called "Essex Factors" in the human genome. When Rebecca gave birth to a deformed son, Nathaniel used his body for experimentation, unbeknownst to his wife. When Rebecca discovered Nathaniel's depraved experiment, she would die from shock, but not before calling Nathaniel "sinister." Thus, Mr. Sinister was born, and Nathaniel Essex's twisted marriage became a thing of the past.


Despite having a face that looks like someone dropped a tray of lasagna on the ground, the murder-happy merc known as Deadpool has a list of exes as long as his arm. Despite his varied love life, Deadpool never seemed the type to take the ultimate plunge and settle down. Turns out, he just needed the right lady, and he found it in the ancient Queen of the Dead, Shiklah.

Originally sent by Dracula to murder Shiklah, Deadpool found himself growing close to the Undead Queen, and eventually, the two admitted they had developed feelings for one another. Soon thereafter, the couple were married in a lavish wedding officiated by the X-Man Nightcrawler. Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase was not to last, and Deadpool and Shiklah quickly grew to hate each other, culminating in an all out war, with Shiklah dumping Deadpool for Dracula. Deadpool's marriage may have been short-lived, but love may be just around the corner for our favorite Merc With A Mouth.


Lobo: an intergalactic bounty hunter with a propensity for violence. Bueno Excellente: a sex offender in a trench coat that can only say "Heh heh heh... Bueno." These two don't exactly seem like a natural fit. But this didn't stop Bueno from making Lobo an honest man. When Lobo chased a bounty to Earth, he crossed paths with hitman Tommy Monaghan and the ragtag weirdo "super group" Section Eight. Never one to back down from a good bar fight, Lobo began to harass the team, hoping to stir up trouble.

Realizing that the group could never take Lobo in a brawl, Tommy hatched a plan to beat Lobo emotionally. Subsequently, Lobo is drugged and knocked unconscious, where he is dressed up in a tux and filmed marrying Bueno, outfitted in a gown. When the Main Man comes to, he is shown the footage, leaving the muscle-bound alien thoroughly confused. Tommy uses the tape to blackmail Lobo into leaving, which the bounty hunter does, none too pleased. As the wedding has never been annulled, Lobo and Bueno technically remain married to this day. And they say marriages never last!

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