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Bad To The Bone: 15 Supervillains Who Are Great (In Bed)

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Bad To The Bone: 15 Supervillains Who Are Great (In Bed)

Everybody loves the bad guy, right? In all forms of fiction, including comic books, there are villains that not only scare and intimidate, but also make you feel something a bit more… primal. Villains that will not only kill you, if given the chance, but very well might seduce you along the way. However, there are villains that take it a step further. This special subset of villains use their skills or superpowers to not only take out the good guys, but also could use them in a variety of ways in the bedroom.

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No, this isn’t a list of the sexiest supervillains in comic books. This is a list of characters that have special tools available at their disposal that make them amazing bedroom partners. These are villains that will scare the pants off you, quite literally in some cases. Some will bring out sides of you that you didn’t know existed. They’ll tap into your most basic instincts and bring out types of lust you never thought possible. So, let’s take a look at 15 villains that you wouldn’t want to fight in a dark alley, but might want to wrestle between the sheets.


Poison Ivy Seduces Robin

First things first, Poison Ivy is a very sexual person. In all her depictions, she is shown to use her assets to her advantage at every turn. Her fiery red hair and cleverly placed leaves would make most men and women do a double take if they crossed paths with her. However, in addition to her outward appearance, Ivy has some abilities that would make her one hell of a lover.

Time after time, we’ve seen Poison Ivy use some plant concoction to make heroes do whatever she wants. Whether it’s a powder blown through the air, or poison on her lips, she puts her victims in an almost hypnotic state. While under her control, she brings out their sexual side. Imagine that in bed. The second she kisses you, the pure ecstasy that you feel: you may not ever want to fight her.


Daken Kissing Bullseye

Can you imagine a version of Wolverine that is even more sexually charged than Logan? Enter Daken. The son of Wolverine has all the abilities and characteristics that made people swoon for Logan, but in a younger, more sexual package. Oh yeah, and he isn’t hung up on a certain red-headed woman, either.

Daken also has a special trick up his sleeve that would make him an excellent lover for both men and women (he doesn’t mind a roll in the hay with any gender). His enhanced pheromone control ability not only masks his scent from hunters like Logan, but also allows him to manipulate the emotional state of people around him. In fact, Daken used this ability to almost seduce The Thing. If Ben Grimm can barely control himself around Daken, what hope do you have?


Amora Enchantress Kissing

Amora, aka Marvel’s Enchantress, is a villain that wears her sexuality on her sleeve. She makes no bones about her use of sex to achieve her goals. As a master of many varieties of Asgardian magic, Amora has used her abilities to seduce countless people. She actually used her sexual prowess in her pursuit of more powerful abilities, often seducing other magicians and sorcerers.

While there are many magicians and psychic villains floating around the Marvel Universe, Amora separates herself based on her most used ability, which is to literally charm the pants off her adversaries. Her very first appearance in Journey Into Mystery #103, Odin uses her to get rid of Thor’s love interest by seducing the Thunder God herself. If she’s good enough for Thor, we’re pretty sure she’d knock the socks off just about anybody.

12. LUST

Lust DC Villain

We don’t blame you if you aren’t familiar with Jacob, aka Lust. He’s only appeared in a few issues of DC’s Titans. That being said, if you didn’t already figure it out by his name, Lust would make one hell of a hookup. Sure, you may not be into men with four eyes, but once he uses his powers, consider yourself the Captain of Team Lust.

You see, Lust has the ability to bring out a person’s lust for him, hence the name. So, if Jacob sees fit, he can use his abilities to make you lose your free will and do anything you can to please him. Yes, it would be a one-sided affair, as far as feelings go, but once you’re under his control, you’re just a primal sexual being hoping to please Jacob. There are plenty of people that would enjoy that sort of situation.


Catwoman Having Sex With Batman

Okay, so Catwoman doesn’t have any sexual superpowers. She can’t hypnotize you into having amazing sexual adventures. She can’t control her pheromones to make you lose your free will. But you know what? Batman and a variety of other people really can’t keep their hands off her, and that’s saying something.

Think of this scenario. You have Batman, an obsessed mentally ill billionaire that dresses up as a bat on a nightly basis to avenge the murder of his parents, who just can’t control himself around Catwoman. It has gotten so hot and heavy they even had sex on the rooftops, in costume. Most recently, there’s even talk of wedding bells in their future. Many women have tried to conquer Bruce Wayne, but Selina Kyle is the one that always seems to get it done. That’s proof enough that Catwoman is probably the most sexually advanced character on the whole list.

10. LOKI

Loki Sexuality

Loki has made a name for himself in sex-filled fan fiction for years now. Ever since his appearance in 2011’s Thor film, it seems like everyone just can’t seem to get enough of the God of Mischief. No matter how sexy Tom Hiddleston may be, that doesn’t automatically qualify him for this list, however.

No, the reason Loki graces this list is two-fold. First, he has the power set that would make him one of the best lovers in history. He can use magic to aid in the deed. If that’s not enough, he can also shapeshift, making him a lover of many shapes and sizes. And second, according to his own words, he’s the patron god of certain “popular” sexual acts. Of course, we don’t know what acts he’s speaking of in Young Avengers #15, but it might be fun to find out!


Mystique talking about sex

Mystique has always been mysterious. Sure, she’s been in countless Marvel comics over the decades, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of time devoted to just figuring out what makes the blue lady tick. One thing is for sure, though, she’d be a hell of a partner in bed.

Clearly, having a shapeshifter would be pretty great in the bedroom. As seen in the X-Men films, Mystique has shown that she can seduce people no matter what type of person they’re attracted to. However, time after time, we have seen Mystique make comments that lead us to believe a roll in the hay with her would be an adventure. In recent years, she’s had a run-in with Daken, where she says that he is no match for her between the sheets. And Daken is no boy scout.


Mastermind Marvel XMen

Obviously, judging just by appearance, Jason Wyngarde, aka Mastermind, isn’t going to get your heart racing. As one of the X-Men’s first villains, and member of the Hellfire Club, he looks pretty ridiculous with his ponytail and mutton chops. However, his mutant ability would make him someone that could literally make your fantasies come true.

Imagine wanting to make love to a supermodel on a beach. Or perhaps you’d rather meet a mysterious man at a club. Just pick your poison and Mastermind can make it a reality. His power allows him to create incredibly realistic illusions that can create whole scenarios in your mind. More than simple shapeshifting, his power allows him to create any situation or fantasy you may want.


Star Sapphire Kissing

There are villains who can shapeshift into your ideal sexual partner. There are also villains who can make your wildest dreams come true. However, that’s all surface level sexuality. For those interested in the type of sexual relationship that comes after finding your one true love, then Star Sapphire is for you.

The name Star Sapphire has been given to a variety of folks in the DC Universe, with varying levels of villainy. The one thing that doesn’t change is one of the powers that the violet ring gives them. You see, Star Sapphire can use her ring to manipulate the emotion of love. Star Sapphire can show you the truest form of love you will ever feel. She can detect the lack of love and create a special connection to repair it. The wearer of the violet power ring will can give you such a strong emotion, it very well might trump any shallow sexual pleasure available.


Bomb Queen Kissing

Bomb Queen is probably the most outwardly sexual superhero comic on the shelves. Each issue has an incredibly provocative cover, with the interior art being even more shocking. That being said, the style is perfectly suited to the main character herself, the titular Bomb Queen. She’s a crass, scantily-clad villain that isn’t above using sex as a weapon. She actually probably prefers it.

So, why would she be so good in bed? Imagine all the debauchery of Las Vegas rolled into one person. She’s wild, foul-mouthed and always in various states of undress. She even publishes her own adult entertainment for people in her city to watch on their local TV. She may not be the sexual partner for everyone, but if you’re looking for a no-holds-barred sexual experience, she’s your girl.


Miss Misery Sleeper

Miss Misery has one of the most unique superpowers in all of comics. Appearing for the first time in Sleeper #1, Gretchen McDonald, aka Miss Misery, is a villain by necessity. For every villainous act she commits, she feels healthier and happier. If she decided to be a good guy, and not doing anything immoral, then she would begin to feel sick and weak.

She would make for one interesting partner in bed due to this power. She’s not going to fall in love with you or treat you kindly. In fact, as seen in the comics, if she goes into a loving relationship, she has to commit more crime to counteract that love. So, you can expect her to seduce you, give you an incredibly wild time, and then leave. During that time, she’ll probably open your eyes to things you didn’t know existed. Actually, you probably won’t want to ask questions, because those acts might not even be legal.


Maxima and Superman kissing

In her early appearances in Action Comics, Maxima was thoroughly convinced that she was the only person that could ever procreate with Superman. She’s a warrior woman from a distant planet, with a variety of superpowers, and no other woman would be able to bear Superman’s children like she can. In the New 52, it was shown that her sexual attraction was geared to Supes’ cousin Supergirl. Either way, she sees herself as the only lover that can satisfy and love the Kryptonian heroes.

Throughout her many appearances, she’s had flings with numerous heroes. Clearly, she’s a very capable lover. On top of all that, she also has psionic powers, including hypnosis. While definitely creepy, hypnosis is a popular power among villains with a high sexual aptitude. So consider that the icing on the cake.


Black Cat and Spiderman in Bed

Black Cat oozes sex appeal. She’s drop dead gorgeous, with her skin tight costume that shows way too much cleavage to be practical. Characters she interacts with are instantly drawn to her. Almost every line of dialogue she is given throughout her decades of appearances always seems to have some sort of innuendo involved. The best part is that Black Cat is aware of it all, and uses this to her advantage.

She is also responsible for making Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, do some incredibly stupid and irresponsible things. Her natural sex appeal just cuts through Peter every time they’re together. He just can’t help himself. So, if she’s able to take the nerdy, goody two-shoes Peter and make him fall under her spell, then mere mortals don’t stand a chance.


harley Quinn kissing poison ivy in bed

Harley Quinn is crazy. There’s no two ways about it. She’s definitely not the best girlfriend material in the DC Universe. However, even though she is mentally unstable, she is also incredibly loyal and loving. The people she is attracted to are people that she keeps very close to her, and the people she cares most about.

With that being said, you can see how she’d make a great partner in crime… and in bed. In addition to being very attractive, in a clown meets cheerleader sort of way, she also has that sexual magnetism that heroes like Wolverine have. You know that she’s no good for you, but you just can’t let her go. And clearly judging by her relationship with Poison Ivy, she’s down to cuddle… after some ferocious rollicking in bed (as she has enjoyed with multiple partners, like Deadshot, throughout multiple media).


knockout kissing people

Knockout isn’t your prototypical “hot” villain. She doesn’t wear a super sexy outfit. She doesn’t use her sex appeal to lure the good guys into traps. She also doesn’t have any super powers that would allow her to be the ideal sexual partner. She’s a super strong warrior that just so happens to have a strong appetite for love and sex.

This is best shown with her relationship with Scandal Savage. Prior to Scandal, she has had flings with other characters, showing her sexual prowess, but with Scandal, her sexuality was highlighted in a new and fun way. Suddenly, she became a sex-positive warrior who is open to new ideas. She even accepted a marriage proposal from Scandal that also included a third party, a woman that Scandal was dating prior. This shows that Knockout is a fun lover, and not restricted to normal sexual identities and roles. Basically, she’s a badass in and out of the bedroom.

Can you think of any other ideal super-villainous partners? Let us know in the comments!

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