The CW Releases First Photos of Supernatural Spin-Off, Wayward Sisters

The first images of Supernatural spin-off series Wayward Sisters debuted today. The series looks to expand on the mythology of Supernatural by focusing on a group of women, the titular Wayward Sisters, who have encountereed the monsters and demons that populate Supernatural's world. Now, fans eager to catch a glimpse of the series' cast in action have their chance. The rest of the images can viewed over on Entertainment Weekly.

The images feature stars Kim Rhodes, Kathryn Love Newton, Katherine Ramdeen and Briana Buckmaster, who are set to return as their previously introduced Supernatural characters, as well as newcomer Yadira Guevara-Prip, whose character, Kaia, will be introduced in the series' backdoor pilot in Supernatural's tenth episode of its thirteenth season, coming in 2018.

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Wayward Sisters will focus on a foster family of women who have been orphaned or otherwise traumatized by supernatural tragedies, tying back to the major themes of Supernatural but eschewing the series' road trip narrative in favor of the set community of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Rhodes' Jody Mills is the sheriff of Sioux Falls and the head of the informal Wayward Sisters organization. Rhodes character was introduced in the Season 5 episode of Supernatural titled "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," in which the dead were rising from their graves and reuniting with their loved ones.

The show is set to premier in 2018 following its backdoor pilot.