Supernatural Spinoff Wayward Sisters Reveals Full Cast

Kim Rhodes in Supernatural

Warner Bros. Television has announced the rest of the cast of its Supernatural spinoff, Wayward Sisters, and confirmed the return of a fan-favorite character to the flagship series.

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Set to launch later this year as a backdoor pilot starring Kim Rhodes reprising her role as Sheriff Jody Mills, Wayward Sisters has added Briana Buckmaster as Sheriff Donna Hanscum, Kathryn Newton as Claire Novak, Katherine Ramdeen as Alex Jones and Clark Backo as Patience Turner.

wayward sisters

Rhodes'Jody Mills serves as a foster parent to Claire Novak, Alex Jones and new character Patience Turner while preparing for the battle ahead. Helping Jody will be Buckmaster's Sheriff Donna Hanscum, a novice hunter who will serve as a confidant. And while all of the girls that Mills fosters will have some ties to the supernatural, the biggest addition to the cast is Backo as Patience Turner, who's related to the fan-favorite Missouri Moseley (played by Loretta Devine), set to return to Supernatural this season for one episode.

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Wayward Sisters is the second attempt at a Supernatural spinoff, following Supernatural: Bloodlines, which aired in 2014 as a backdoor pilot but wasn’t ordered to series by The CW.

The title of the planned spinoff is a nod to “Carry On Wayward Son,” the 1976 Kansas classic that’s the closest Supernatural has to a theme song. In fact, during the show's Comic-Con presentation, the band took to the stage ahead of the cast to perform the classic.

Supernatural returns Thursday, Oct. 12, on The CW.

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