Supernatural: A Hunter’s Guide to the Series' Demon Types

The long-running CW drama Supernatural pits hunters against myriad monsters, demons and, on more than a few occasions, angels. Yes, in the world of Supernatural, the heavenly host, and even God himself, is a threat to humanity. However, demons always end up at the center of the fight, one way or another.

It was a Yellow-Eyed Demon that took Sam and Dean Winchester's mother away from them as children, and set them off on their long and winding road. Black-Eyed Demons were terrible foes every step of the way as well. Add in the White-Eyed demons and the Knights of Hell, and there is a lot to contend with. Here is a look at four of the most destructive, and powerful demons, and their place in the hierarchy of Hell.

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Supernatural Crossroad Demons

A red-eyed Crossroad Demon on Supernatural is more powerful than the typical black-eyed variety that makes up most of the show's minor foes. These demons have a power that the black-eyed demons do not possess: They can teleport, and have the ability to make pacts with humans.

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That's where the Crossroad Demon remains so powerful. These demons can teleport to the specific crossroads without anyone summoning them. When there, they can make a deal with any human willing to give up their soul. This deal usually involves one wish and a 10-year contract, at which point the hellhound shows up and drags the human to Hell.

These demons answer to the King of the Crossroads. That hierarchy played into the show beginning in the fifth season, as Crowley was the King of the Crossroads before he ascended to the throne of the King of Hell. If the red-eyed demons impress the ruler of Hell, they can rise to a higher position in the hierarchy of Hell.


Supernatural Cain

The Knights of Hell are considered some of the most powerful demons in existence. They were reportedly some of the first demons, handpicked by Lucifer and then trained by Cain, the first Knight of Hell. These beings are virtually invulnerable, and the only way the army of Knights died was by the hands of one of their own -- Cain himself.

There is only one weapon that can kill a Knight of Hell, and that is the First Blade. When Cain chose to retire, the other Knights tried to force him back by kidnapping his wife. That caused Cain to slaughter every Knight of Hell, which showed that as powerful as they were, no one matched the power of Cain himself.

There is no official word on where they stand compared to other demons in the hierarchy of Hell. Most demons respect the power of the Knights of Hell, and the Knights refuse to obey any demon they consider lesser in rank to themselves. According to Crowley, one single Knight of Hell is more powerful than an entire group of demons working together.

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Azazel on Supernatural

The Princes of Hell are the yellow-eyed demons. These are the demons that started it all when it comes to the story of the Winchesters on Supernatural. These demons are the first generation, created by Lilith. In the hierarchy of Hell, they are the rulers of the realm.

There are four Princes of Hell: Azazel, Ramiel, Asmodeus and Dagon. Azazel was the leader of the demon army, and he had control over most demons. He also possessed invulnerability to many things that hurt demons, like holy water. Azazel killed Mary Winchester to try to take control of Sam in an attempt to free Lucifer.

While the Princes of Hell were one of the highest-ranking demons, the Winchesters killed three of them, and Gabriel killed the final Prince of Hell, making this type of demon now extinct.


The white-eyed demons are the ancient ones, and the beings that started it all. This group of demons includes Lilith, who is the oldest demon in existence, created by Lucifer himself. They are extremely powerful and rule over all other demons. It was Lilith as a white-eyed demon who created the Princes of Hell, which puts her as the most important demon in history.

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These demons are so powerful that they strike fear into all other demons, who understand that they stand no chance of standing up against the white-eyed demons. However, when it comes to a demon this strong, there are also only two of them known in existence.

Lilith is the oldest demon in the world of Supernatural. The only other known white-eyed demon is Alastair, who served in Hell as the grand torturer. Despite their immense power, Sam Winchester killed both Lilith and Alastair.

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