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When Supernatural started, it was a show about the Winchester brothers hunting down monsters and demons, helping people and trying to learn what happened to their mother and father. However, things started to turn sideways in the second season when the angels showed up.

While most people think of angels as benevolent beings who help people, things are a bit more grey in the world of Supernatural. There are angels here who help people. However, others are more bureaucratic and care more about doing their job than the actual lives of those they help. Then, there are the archangels who are dangerous and, in some cases, as evil as the demons from Hell.

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Here is a look at the angels of Supernatural, their powers and the hierarchy in Heaven when it comes to the supernatural heavenly beings.

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When it comes to angels, there are none more potent than the Archangels. There are only four Archangels, and they are the oldest and most powerful of any of God's angels. These angels are, ordered by age: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel. Despite their power, after crossing the Winchester brothers, only Michael remains alive.

These Archangels are so powerful that they went to war with Amara, The Darkness, and succeeded in locking her away despite her immense powers. There are no angels ranked above the Archangels in Heaven, and only God himself is more powerful than these beings. The Archangel Blade can kill one, but only if wielded by another Archangel.


Where Archangels are the top of the food chain when it comes to angels, Cherubs are at the bottom. Considered third class angels, they follow Heaven's orders, mostly doing what Michael tells them to do. This job is specifically to pair important bloodlines in marriage by any means possible.

A good example is Cupid, who hooked up John and Mary Winchester on the orders from up high. They are powerful, but nowhere near the level of any other angel. They can match up to an angel in a fight but have no chance against an Archangel, even one low on grace.


The Grigori are a perfect example of angels who are far from forces for good. They were an elite team of angels that Heaven sent to Earth to protect humanity and then turned evil. The powers of these angels are terrifying, as they kidnapped humans and trapped them in a perfect dream of Heaven while feeding on them.

They were some of the first angels to ever appear on Earth, and most thought they were extinct. Before they went evil, they ranked very high on the hierarchy of Heaven but fell when they started feeding on human souls.

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When it comes to the Rit Zien, their place in the hierarchy of Heaven is medics of the angels. Their name officially means "hands of mercy," and their job is to heal any angel that has fallen to injury. They also possessed the power to painlessly smite, which they used if the angel was facing too harsh of injuries.

The one problem is that the Rit Zien does not differentiate physical pain from emotional pain. There is no such thing as Rit Zien's in Christian mythology. However, they are similar to the Virtues, which are the fifth order of angels known as healers and miracle-bringers.


The angel type that fans have gotten to know and love the most is the Seraphim, as that is what Castiel is. These angels are much higher in the hierarchy of Heaven than many other angels. They are more powerful than regular angels and the cherubs.

They are also similar to Archangels in that if they are cut off from Heaven or banished, they keep their powers. Their official role in Heaven is not known, but they are supposed to watch and learn from humanity. There have been only two Seraphim on the show -- Castiel and Akobel.

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The Nephilim are an abomination in Heaven, and they are marked for death the moment of conception. This death decree is because they are born after procreation of a human and an angel. This mating gives them a human soul and angelic grace. Typically, the angels order the death of the expectant mother before the Nephilim is born.

However, as Jack has shown since birth, he is one of the most powerful beings in existence when he has his grace. Jack is said to have "unimaginable" powers and might be more powerful than even the Archangels. The Nephilim hold no spot in Heaven due to the danger they possess.

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