Supernatural: 10 Completely OP Demons (And 10 Equally OP Angels)

Supernatural is heading into its 14th season. That’s not a typo – Supernatural, the CW show, has been on our television screens for 14 years. This speaks to the longevity of this show about two brothers who hunt supernatural beings. Sam and Dean Winchester, along with their ‘67 Impala, have been on a lot of adventures through the years. With finding the Men of Letters bunker, the brothers finally have a place to call home, but this wasn’t the case for many seasons. The first season had a lot of monster of the week episodes (including a crazy Bloody Mary story) where the boys traveled a lot, along with the boys tackling the mystery surrounding their father’s disappearance. Fast forward over a decade later and the boys are still handling supernatural mysteries and creatures, only their family has gotten bigger. We’ve met their long-lost younger brother (unfortunately this was brief), their mother Mary Winchester, as well as many other hunters.

Joined by Castiel, the ever-perplexed angel, around the fifth season, the Winchester brothers have made some friends and a lot of enemies over the years. They’ve fought classic monsters like ghosts, vampires, werewolves, but also more obscure foes like djinn and pagan gods. Anything is up for grabs in the Supernatural world, including having a musical episode! What keeps us coming back season after season, other than the fact that the boys have aged like fine wines, are the interesting stories revolving around the demons and angels in the show. In the last 13 seasons, the Winchesters have fought and allied themselves with powerful demons and angels, and we’ve carried on (our wayward sons) and ranked them!

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The “Deanmon,” also referred to as Demon Dean, was the problem Sam had to deal with in the first part of Supernatural’s 10th season. 10 seasons is a milestone, and the writers certainly got their fans to stick around by turning Dean into a demon at the end of season 9.

The Deanmon revitalized the Supernatural fandom. We were used to seeing demons walking around in “meat suits,” but we hadn’t really seen someone’s soul turn demonic. Yes, we saw the furthest extent of this with Sam losing his soul completely, but the Deanmon was all the darkest part of Dean Winchester. All of that knowledge and fighting skill combined with no remorse for wrongdoing made the Deanmon a formidable problem for Sam to deal with.


Anna Milton was a recurring character in Supernatural’s fourth and fifth seasons. She was an angel who loved humans so much that she removed her grace (a painful process) and was reborn as a human daughter. Eventually, she was forced to reabsorb her grace, which led her down a path towards time traveling to take out Sam and Dean’s parents.

When Anna had her grace, she was a very powerful angel. She’s considered a level above the fan-favorite angel, Castiel. With her angel powers, she could time travel, destroy powerful demon vessels as an afterthought, and regenerate with ease. Her relationship with the Winchesters remained complicated to the end.


Cain was the firstborn son of Adam and Eve and the leader of the Knights of Hell. His backstory in the Supernatural world is a bit different than your standard Bible story. Cain didn’t take out his brother out of jealousy, it was because his brother was talking to Lucifer.

The blade Cain fashioned to eliminate his brother, the First Blade, became a recurring element in the show. The Mark of Cain, the mark that shows up on the skin, is the only thing that can defeat the Darkness, but it turns its bearer dark as well. When Cain turned into a demon after ending himself with the First Blade, he was the most feared being that roamed the Earth.


Metatron is the chosen scribe of God: what God says, Metatron writes down. The problem is when God disappears and Archangels want to know what’s going on, they’re going to pester the only being that’s been known to interact with God on a regular basis.

Metatron’s actions with the Angel Tablet are actually what caused Dean to turn into a demon. Angels can be far from good in the Supernatural universe. What makes Metatron powerful is his closeness with God. As his scribe, he learned a lot about different creatures and knowledge is power! Before he passed, Metatron also worked on God’s autobiography.


Abaddon Supernatural

Abaddon is another Knight of Hell who is responsible for the ending of the original American Men of Letters, an old order who studied and fought supernatural beings. Her plan, when the Winchesters first encounter her, is to become the Queen of Hell, and she was almost successful.

Because she was a Knight of Hell, Abaddon had superior strength. It didn’t take much effort at all for her to win a confrontation. The Winchesters ended up taking her down, but when she’s put back together, it’s almost as if nothing had happened. Her only weakness was underestimating Dean, who defeated her with the First Blade.


Akobel Supernatural

In the Supernatural world, the Seraphim are a class of angels under Archangels but above regular angels. Akobel was a Seraphim sent to Earth to learn more about humanity, but he made the mistake of falling in love with a human woman.

The story of Akobel and Lily Sunder is how we learned about Nephilim, the innately powerful children of angels and humans. Angels are scared of Nephilim, which is why they came after Akobel and Lily. It took a gang of angels to restrain Akobel long enough for Ishim to defeat him. Lily, a human, then learns magic to make herself immortal, so she can have her revenge on the angels who wrongly took out her angel husband and human daughter.


Dagon Supernatural

Dagon was a Prince of Hell, one of the first demons created by Lucifer. In addition to being one of the first demons ever created, she is a rare sight because she’s taken female vessels. In Supernatural, male demons and angels are more common than females for some reason, so Dagon’s appearance was refreshing (however scary she was).

Dagon tracked Kelly down, who was carrying Lucifer’s baby. When the Winchesters and Castiel find her, she is nearly impossible to defeat. Normal means of defeating demons didn’t work on her. as bullets and blades did nothing. It took Jack’s raw power combined with Castiel’s powers to finally end her.


Tamiel belonged to an elite class of angels called the Grigori. The Grigori were originally sent to Earth to help humans, but they turned bad and began to enjoy the souls of humans. You can recognize a Grigori by the weapon they wield, which is an angel sword (versus the traditional angel blade).

As a Grigori, Tamiel is a powerful angel. He got the attention of the Winchesters because he was feeding off of Amelia Novak, the wife of Castiel’s vessel Jimmy Novak. He’s quite strong and it took Sam, Dean, Castiel and Claire in a coordinated effort to take him down. He had lived for thousands of years, so his defeat at the hands of a human was impressive.


Ramiel Supernatural

Ramiel is another Prince of Hell who retired to Earth, the demon version of retiring to Florida. Crowley approaches Ramiel to become the King of Hell when the throne is empty, but Ramiel is uninterested.

The fight that eventually ends Ramiel is exciting. As with the other Princes of Hell, it took a coordinated group effort for the Winchesters to even have a fighting chance against him. Devil’s traps don’t work and neither does holy fire. nor bullets. In the end, it takes Ramiel’s own weapon, the Lance of Michael, to defeat him. This fight brings also brings the Colt, the legendary gun, back into human hands.


Castiel Supernatural

Castiel is the Seraphim who has been around since taking Jimmy Novak as a vessel in Season 5 of Supernatural. The friendship that has developed between Castiel and Dean has sparked many ships (#Destiel), and Supernatural fans just can’t get enough of Castiel trying to understand American pop culture.

Though Castiel has a powerful influence on fans, he’s also a powerful angel. He’s been taken down five times and yet somehow manages to come back time and time again. He has the standard angel powers of healing and strength, but what really makes Castiel powerful is his heart. He will do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones.


Asmodeus Supernatural

Asmodeus was the main villain of Season 13 and the last remaining Prince of Hell. He turned on Lucifer and imprisoned him, turning his temporary status as the King of Hell into a more permanent one.

Asmodeus was an interesting combination of immaculate white suit and pure evil. He was very powerful, as with the grace of Gabriel combined with his Prince of Hell powers, he was difficult to fight. Once considered the weakest of the Princes of Hell, he became the last remaining by the 13th season. In fact, he only was defeated because he fought against the renewed Gabriel.


Raphael Supernatural

Raphael is the middle brother of God’s four Archangels. In Season 6, there was an angel civil war that broke out with Raphael and Castiel on opposing sides. This led to more angel in-fighting and, eventually, Raphael’s passing.

Raphael has taken on male and female vessels in the show, and the powers he has shown in both vessels are mighty. Castiel has even admitted that Raphael is stronger than him, and Castiel fell victim to being deprived of strength by Raphael’s holy light. Raphael only passed because Castiel took on the power of all the souls in Purgatory and defeated him with a snap.


Azazel is a Prince of Hell from Supernatural’s early seasons. It’s Azazel who actually ends Mary Winchester in Sam’s nursery. The Winchesters hunted Azazel for at least 20 years before getting their revenge. Until the later seasons of Supernatural, Azazel was the only demon with yellow eyes, making him stand out from the demon crowd.

Azazel had many powers to be aware of, whether you were a demon or an angel. He once possessed a reaper, which is unheard of and hasn’t been done since. The only weapon that was capable of defeating Azazel was the Colt. Though the brothers used the Colt to end Azazel in the early seasons, more reveals have been made about Azazel over the years. We just can’t forget those yellow eyes.


Jack Supernatural

Jack is the Nephilim baby of Lucifer and Kelly that grew up overnight. Literally. Before they knew what was happening, Sam, Dean and Castiel had to parent an adolescent half-angel, half-human who was wholly confused at human life.

The reason why angels fear Nephilims is that the lore says the Nephilim will be more powerful than its parent angel. In Jack’s case, this means he will be more powerful than Lucifer, who is already the most feared angel in the Supernatural universe. Jack has shown us hints of how powerful he is in Season 13, but we’re bound to see more in Season 14.


Crowley Supernatural

Crowley is the King of the Crossroads Demon turned King of Hell turned ally of the Winchester Brothers. He is responsible for the Winchesters’ adorable nicknames Moose and Squirrel (Sam and Dean, respectively).

He gained a lot of powers in his many years of existence. Crowley could make nearly anything happen with a snap of his fingers: he could teleport and he knew how to cast spells since his mother is a witch. Towards the end of Season 13, he sacrificed himself to trap Lucifer in the alternate reality, though we hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Crowley.


Gabriel Supernatural

Gabriel, also known as The Trickster, has been a recurring character in Supernatural since the second season. The reason why he keeps coming back is probably because fans enjoy his antics so much. There’s magic in trickster characters and Gabriel is no exception. The time loop he put the Winchesters in is one of the best Supernatural episodes.

Though mischievous, Gabriel had heart and could be scared into submission, as he was with Asmodeus. He was a powerful angel, an Archangel in fact, and even when weakened he could put up a fight against Asmodeus once he decided he was done being a victim. Gabriel passed in a heroic fasion when he chose not to run from a fight with Michael at the end of Season 13.


Alastair Supernatural

Alastair is a character from the earlier seasons of Supernatural, so some of us may have forgotten about him. He trained Meg and hurt Dean during his time in Hell. Alastair is one of few demons with white eyes, which marks how powerful he is.

Alastair was considered insane even for a demon, so his job title makes sense. He is widely considered one of the most powerful demons in the Supernatural universe. His presence alone caused a statue of Mary to weep tears of blood. Though largely invulnerable, Alastair passed because of Sam’s advanced psychic powers in Season 4.


Lucifer is the most notorious of Heaven’s archangels. In the Supernatural universe, Lucifer has come back time and time again because his relationship with the Winchesters is so interesting. The Prince of Darkness certainly has a presence onscreen.

Lucifer has all the powers you would expect from the Devil, but in Season 13, he also felt the need to leave his legacy, leading to Jack’s birth. With Michael possessing Dean’s body, Dean and Lucifer finally have an epic showdown in Season 13 – they fought in the air! Lucifer’s story could only end in that epic fashion. Anything else would’ve been a disservice to one of the best characters in Supernatural.


Lilith is the first demon that Lucifer created and, as we know, there’s power in being the first. Lilith was the highest-ranking demon and was once the Queen of Hell. She loved chaos, and it’s her plan that caused the seals to break, leading to Lucifer’s escape.

Lilith gave her own life for Lucifer to escape the Cage and that’s probably the only way she was able to go. Sam felt the weight of guilt for Lilith’s passing for a while after it happened since Lilith allowed him to deal the final blow. Lilith was widely feared and respected by all the demons, and though she hasn’t been around since Season 4, her power shouldn’t be forgotten.


Michael Supernatural

Michael is an Archangel, the first ever created by God. It was he who banished Lucifer and restricted him to the Cage. In an ironic twist, our universe’s version of Michael is imprisoned in that same Cage, while an alternate universe Michael is currently possessing Dean.

Michael is the last remaining Archangel and because he was the first, he is also one of the most powerful beings in the Supernatural universe. Castiel even says Michael is stronger than Lucifer, who is the most feared angel. We’re excited to see what alternate-universe Michael’s plans are for possessing Dean, as well as how the gang will figure out how to get Michael out of the Dean vessel.

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