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Rick Springfield Supernatural

Supernatural’s twelfth season started with Dean and Sam’s mother being resurrected after being gone for decades. In addition to her readjustment to life, the season introduced the murderous British Men of Letters, who wanted to eradicate all demons in America. Meanwhile, Lucifer was busy jumping vessels. He eventually possessed the president and got his assistant pregnant. At the end of the season, the half-human/half-angel Nephilim was born. In an attempt to prevent Lucifer from getting to his child, both Crowley and Castiel perish and Mary and Lucifer got stuck in an alternate dimension.

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Critics viewed the season positively. At this point, they were comfortable with Supernatural’s serialized nature and generally appreciated that the series continued to be a reliable source of entertainment. Eric Joseph from We Got This Covered remarked, “…Supernatural Season 12 has no shortage of heart, intrigue, or emotional resonance and isn’t afraid to be genuinely disturbing.”

Viewers are once again in agreement with the critics on this season. Its Rotten Tomatoes audience score is currently 86%.


Season 11 of Supernatural saw Sam and Dean going up against The Darkness, which they released on Earth at the end of the prior season. The Darkness, also called Amara, is God’s sister and she’s come to take revenge on him for sacrificing her. She attempts to destroy Earth and severely injures God in the process. Ultimately, the siblings reconcile and Amara heals her brother, saving the planet.

The critics commented on the series’ consistency and ability to find what works for it season after season. Even as it upped the stakes in Season 11, Supernatural maintained the tone and characterizations that fans had come to know and love. ScreenRant’s Jason Hughes wrote, “This is a show that's found its groove and just keeps doubling down on what works for them.”

With an audience score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, viewers were also satisfied with this season.


Abaddon Supernatural

Season 9 picked up right where Season 8 left off: The aftermath of every angel in Heaven falling to Earth. The angels caused trouble as Sam and Dean looked for a way to send them back upstairs. The brothers also went up against Abaddon and Castiel took on Metatron.

Critics were excited by the direction of the ninth season and, for the most part, enjoyed its focus on the expelled angels on Earth. Many were emotionally involved with the season and genuinely interested in where the show’s story was going. They tended to find the season exciting and dramatic, with MaryAnn Sleasman of TV.com commenting, “The Winchester-conflict-of-the-season felt organic and justified in a way that it never really has.”

This is the rare season that viewers felt less positively than critics about, but only slightly. The Rotten Tomatoes audience score for Season 9 was 88%.


Season 14 still has a handful of episodes left, but critics have been quite enthusiastic about the first 16 episodes. So far, the season has centered around Dean’s possession by the Archangel Michael and his attempts to keep Michael locked inside his mind.

Critics both appreciated the chance to see Jensen Ackles embody a different character while they also missed Dean. After 14 seasons, critics seemed as emotionally invested in the series as fans, expressing their continued desire to stick with the show. Den of Geeks’ Bridget LaMonica wrote, "Supernatural premiered its fourteenth season by lobbing emotional curveballs at every turn and showing us just how this show can keep going long after other series have burned out." And Amelia Emberwing of Birth.Movies.Death. noted, “There's an inevitable predictability that comes with being fourteen seasons into a show, but that doesn't mean it won't find new ways to make you cry.”

Clearly fans agree. The current audience score for the not-quite-finished season is 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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