Supernatural Evens the Odds in the Winchesters’ Fight Against God

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 15, Episode 2 of Supernatural, "Raising Hell."

After reappearing in time to turn the Winchesters' world upside down in the Season 14 finale, there was no sign of Supernatural's final Big Bad -- Chuck, aka God -- in the Season 15 premiere. However, in the latest episode, "Raising Hell," Chuck reemerges, and he's back to his old unlikable ways. In the immortal words of Dean Winchester, "Turns out, God's a dick." However, the episode also ends on one hell of stinger: Chuck might be bad but, currently, he's not that big.

While Sam, Dean, Castiel and their new ally, Belphegor -- a demon taking a ride in Jack's body -- try to keep the lid on a quarantined town full of angry souls Chuck released from Hell, Chuck decides to go bug his big sister, Amara, otherwise known as The Darkness. The dark to God's light, Amara was imprisoned by Chuck for eons until she was let loose when Dean had the Mark of Cain erased from himself in Season 10. She rose to become the most powerful antagonist the brothers had ever faced in Season 11 -- until Chuck took the villainous reigns.

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Back then, when Chuck was on good terms with Sam and Dean, he aided their mission to try and put a stop to Amara's wrath but his power was found wanting compared to her destructive capabilities. In the end, a little family counseling session was all that was needed to dissuade Amara from ending all life on Earth -- something she was envious of for taking up all of her brother's attention. Having made amends, the two cosmic siblings teleported away to spend more quality time together.

In "Raising Hell," however, we find Amara spending a little quality time all by herself in a fancy hotel room. That is until her kid brother interrupts her solitude. He opens their dialogue with exactly what you'd expect from someone who spent years burying their head in human pop culture: "So, how about that Game of Thrones ending. Pretty great, huh?" (A pointed reference too, perhaps, to the difficulty of ending long-running fantasy television shows.) Amara witheringly dismisses his attempt at small talk and cuts to the chase: What does Chuck want from her?

At first, Chuck coyly tries to reel her in by playing the family card. He suggests that, rather than spend their eternal lives apart, they "drop by another dimension" to start a fun family project together. You know, like casually creating a whole new species. Amara rebuffs him and then starts to sense that something is... off with Chuck. It's not that he wants her to hang out with him -- it's that he needs her to. "You're not complete. You're not at full strength. And, you're afraid."

Later on, we see the source of Chuck's fear: he has the same gunshot wound that we saw on Sam's shoulder in the last episode. The mark was created when Sam pulled the trigger of The Equalizer in the Season 14 finale, thinking it would -- as God claimed -- kill anything. It didn't, because God is a pathological liar in Supernatural, but clearly it did something bad to the All-Mighty. Even more interestingly, when Chuck touches the wound, Sam feels a twinge down on Earth. Much like Harry's scar connects him to Voldemort in Harry Potter, Sam and Chuck are linked by The Equalizer's mark.

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Supernatural God Season 14

Though Chuck continues to try and reason with Amara, her mind is made up, telling him that she's willing to coexist with him in the same universe, but not anywhere close to him. This riles Chuck's feathers. "Don't test me," he threatens her. "I front the group. You sing backup." Amara, however, brushes off his harsh words, refusing to budge on her position knowing that she holds all the cards. "Even on your best day, you couldn't force my hand. And this is not your best day. In fact, I don't think you can much of anything right. A few parlor tricks perhaps but you can't leave this world, not without my help." In fact, she decides to use her powerful position over her arrogant brother as payback for him sealing her away -- leaving him stranded in his current place. "I guess you got what you always wanted. You're on your own."

Though they don't know it yet, Chuck's de-powered state gives the Winchesters a vital leg-up in their mission to free themselves -- and their world -- from God's "hamster wheel." But, with Sam's fate seemingly tied to Chuck's, victory could come at a huge price.

Airing Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, the final season of Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert.

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