Superdanktural: 15 Side-Splitting Supernatural Memes

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Perhaps the most unique aspect of the show is its ability to poke fun at itself in a very meta way. Episodes like "The Monster at the End of this Book", "The Real Ghostbusters", "The French Mistake" and "Fan Fiction" all make jokes of the writers, fans, actors and producers. It’s a nice break from all the fighting and death. Supernatural has one of the most devoted and hard core fanbases in all of entertainment. When the sometimes ridiculous nature of the show is mixed with the nonstop love of its fans, it creates a hilarious collection of Internet memes. We’ve put together a list of the best for all the longtime members of the Supernatural family.


In the world of Supernatural, hunters have to rely on each other and fight side by side in deadly situations. They don’t necessarily have to like one another to get the job done. This was never more clear than in the season 12 episode "Who We Are". Sam and Dean rally the American hunters for a raid on the British Men of Letters compound. While meeting up to plan, the brothers are reunited with the hunters who killed them in season five’s "Dark Side of the Moon".

Since every day in the life of a hunter is literally life or death, there’s no time to hold grudges. Considering all the trouble they’ve caused over the years, it’s a wonder Sam and Dean have any friends at all.



When Castiel first showed up way back in season four, he made a point of letting Sam and Dean know that while he was there to help them, he stilled served heaven. He made this point a lot. Seriously, he reminds the brothers of this in nearly every episode of season four and five. However, like the rest of us, he just couldn’t resist the Winchesters and became part of the family.

In season seven, Cas lost his way and had to depend on Sam and Dean to look after him. Without any real anchor in the world, he was happy to just hang out and help. It was after this that his loyalties completely shifted. He essentially shunned heaven and chose to follow the brothers, killing other angels and stopping the apocalypse. At this point he’s basically the third Winchester.


As an angel Castiel doesn’t always understand the nuances of human emotions and interactions. It’s often up to Sam and Dean to explain the smallest things to him. And if we’re being honest, the Winchesters aren’t exactly the best example of regular human emotions.

When he began helping the brothers with their investigations, it was particularly difficult for Cas to grasp why humans lie so much. As an angel he thought the truth would always be the best tactic. Humans don’t usually react well to the news that there are monsters and demons killing and possessing people. Dean being Dean, he needed to let him know that humans have very specific reasons why they lie so much. Sadly, it’s both funny and true.



Since his first appearance in season four’s "Lazarus Rising", Cas has always been a little closer to Dean than Sam. He’s even admitted it a few times. He did drag Dean out of Hell after all. They have a bond that at times seems even closer than Sam and Dean.

Their closeness has led diehard Supernatural fans to ship them as the couple "Destiel". Memes for the couple are all over the Internet, but this one in particular hilariously highlights how Castiel would react to Dean marrying someone else. Cas would have no problem making Dean’s husband disappear if he thought it was for the greater good. Knowing how adept Supernatural is at getting meta, there’s probably already a special wedding episode in the works.


While Sam and Dean will always be the central focus, and the audience’s entry into this crazy world, they would be nothing without the supporting cast of demons, angels and fellow hunters. The show will never be quite the same without Bobby, Gabriel and Crowley. Of course, on this show death is never actually the end of a character.

In the Supernatural world no character is all good or evil. They all live in a gray area. Enemies become allies one week, then go back to being enemies the next. This handy guide lets fans know exactly where all the major players stand in terms of good and evil. Though, some of these placements may cause serious debate (Lucifer can’t be considered neutral about anything), they mostly make sense.



Supernatural and The Walking Dead have a lot in common. Their genre similarities lead to fan crossover and they’ve shared several cast members. The most important being Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Long before he was the vicious killer and leader of the Saviors Negan, he was Sam and Dean’s strict yet loving father. John Winchester spent their entire lives teaching his boys everything they know about being hunters.

The pilot episode focused on Dean needing Sam’s help to find their missing dad. He told Sam that Dad was on a hunting trip and went missing. It seems some fans have made the connection to exactly what kind if hunting trip dad was on. Maybe John isn’t still in Hell and he’s off in some parallel universe killing walkers.


Fans of both Supernatural and its neighboring CW superhero shows know that they all shoot on the same lot. This has created a fun rivalry between Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Arrow star Stephen Amell. The three can often be found making jokes on social media. Amell has even jokingly hinted at wanting Arrow to somehow crossover with Supernatural.

Now that the shows air on the same night, expect things to get even more crazy between the stars. Fans decided to poke fun at the fact that Oliver is always talking about how his time away from Star City was Hell. However, five years in “Hell” means nothing compared to Dean’s 40 years in actual Hell. As emotionally tortured as Oliver is, no one wins a “who’s had it worse” fight with the Winchesters.



For all its action, comedy and horror, at its core Supernatural is just a show about two brothers against the world. This leads to a lot of over emotional moments. One of the best parts of the series is how adept the writers and actors are at changing the tone on a dime.

So, one minute you’re cracking up at something ridiculous Cas or Crowley has said and the next minute you’re crying your eyes out because someone unexpectedly died. It’s how the show lures viewers into a false sense of security. The thing is, you never really understand just how sad this show is until you’re already too invested to turn back. And of course, longtime fans never tell new fans just how sad the show is and what they’re really in for.


It’s no secret that Dean loves junk food. His favorite is burgers. When they aren’t in cheap motels, most of their research takes place in diners and fast food restaurants. Dean’s favorite food is practically a supporting character on the show. In "Slash Fiction", his evil doppelganger was amazed that he had one every day and considered them just as good as anything else in the world. When he came back from Hell, it was one of the first things he wanted.

As far as he’s concerned the greasier the better. Even Sam is surprised at his complete devotion to burgers. The frequently gross aspects of Winchester life can’t even keep him from enjoying his first love. In 13 seasons nothing has ever made him put down a burger.



Since his first appearance in season five, Crowley has been a lot of things to the Winchesters. Mortal enemy, sometime ally and even a weird friend. As the King of the Crossroads and later the King of Hell, he knows everyone’s secrets, including Sam and Dean. This also means he usually offers the boys the best advice for navigating the crazy monster world they live in. Crowley likes to keep the brothers in check and not let them break the world too many times.

Here, he gives Dean the smartest advice he will ever get. It applies to both Supernatural and real life. Despite his reluctant liking of Sam and Dean, Crowley is still a demon who’s always looking out for himself and frequently screws over the brothers.


Jensen Ackles got this barbed wire baseball bat and sent a fun tweet to Jeffrey Dean Morgan about how he found it in the trunk of the Impala. If you need the joke explained to you, why are reading this article on this site? The Internet couldn’t let them have all the fun and took it a step further.

Before she was the heroic Maggie on The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan spent season three of Supernatural making the brothers’ lives horrible. She was Bela, a thief who specialized in magical items. She stole the Colt, had them arrested and tried to kill them. Eventually time ran out on her deal, she died and her soul went to Hell. Apparently some fans feel Dean is still upset about everything she did to the brothers and still waiting for revenge.



Crowley has lived a long and interesting life as a demon. He’s killed countless humans, demons and monsters. He’s bought souls from scared family members of cancer patients, wannabe CEOs, and Taylor Swift. Yes, Taylor Swift sold her soul to Crowley. All this tells viewers that, as much as they want to kill him, there is literally nothing Sam and Dean can do to him that would in any way hurt.

For a while in season nine, Crowley was held captive in the brothers’ bunker. They used him for information, often having to torture it out of him. The problem with this was that everything we’ve seen Crowley do over the course of the show would suggest that he just can’t be tortured. And Crowley has no shame in letting Sam know that he has no shot at making him talk.


Once again Supernatural and The Walking Dead cross paths with Rick wanting Sam and Dean to come and get their dad to stop tormenting and killing people. Of course, any fan of Supernatural knows that the Winchesters daddy issues run deep and they’ve rarely been able to stand up to their father.

Sam left the family to go to college, but once he rejoined the hunting business, he fell right back into old habits. Dean is even worse, as he is unquestioningly loyal to John. Even now, after he’s been dead for a long time, they still never speak badly of him or the way he raised them. Sorry Rick, Sam and Dean would probably just show up, join the Saviors and become his most trusted lieutenants.



Once Castiel became a full-fledged member of the Winchester family, he only betrayed them and messed up that one time in season six when he let out the Leviathans. In contrast, since he met Sam and Dean in season four, he’s been expelled from heaven, caught up in a civil war, gone crazy, lost his grace, got possessed by Lucifer and been killed several times. In short, they’ve pretty much ruined his life.

Those are just the problems they’ve caused Cas, this says nothing of what has happened to Cas’ vessel Jimmy’s family. His daughter Claire is now an orphan, who’s become obsessed with being a hunter and has found herself in mortal danger a few times. Despite all the trouble the Winchesters have caused Cas, he’s still always on their side and never fails to come to their rescue.


It only seems right that this ongoing battle between Supernatural and The Walking Dead comes down to the two most evil characters on each show. The geek world was thrown into chaos when Negan killed Abraham and Glenn. It was quite an entrance into such a popular show. However, Supernatural has been killing main characters long before it was the in thing on TV.

Lucifer has been personally or indirectly responsible for the deaths of several of Sam and Dean’s closest friends including Gabriel, Ellen and Jo. He also possessed Sam, which resulted in Sam going to Hell and losing his soul. There’s no question that Negan is evil, but he’s a man pushed to his limits by an unthinkable situation. Lucifer is literally the devil, so no one will ever be as evil as him.

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