10 Hilarious Supernatural Memes That'll Make You Sad The Show Is Ending

Is it possible to feel sad from something that’s supposed to be funny? If you think the answer’s no, then you’re in for a rude awakening as Supernatural memes are here to make you laugh, then cry in tears. The show still has one year to go, but we already know that will be the end for sure.

This has brought fans out to be more vocal as everyone wants to share how much the show has touched them for fourteen years. Supernatural memes are impossible to count seeing as there are literally thousands of these, but we’ve chosen 10 of these that’ll make your heart go fonder once the show goes off-air.

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10 Dean's Proudest Moment

This might just have been when we truly fell in love with Dean. The elder Winchester was always the bad boy, but he made it clear when he showed no fear of being locked up. In fact, Dean followed the mugshot up with a smoulder to mock his captors.

It was a scene that made everyone laugh out loud because no one expected it, but it fit the Dean Winchester character so well that this could be the only way he would respond to such a situation.

9 Destiel

Oh, how we’ll miss the Destiel fangirls. While many of us are annoyed by how they interpret every scene between Dean and Castiel as something out of a love story, it is still all in good nature and in fact makes the dynamic between these two more interesting.

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Plus, if you focus on what the meme wants you to think, you could be fooled into thinking this is some kind of fantasy romantic comedy in the works. Knowing the Supernatural fandom, they’ll pay an arm and a leg to make this romance between Dean and Castiel a canonical fact. Who’ll be laughing then, eh?

8 Crowley's Sass

It’s been such a shame not having Crowley on the show over the past two years. With Season 15 being the last one, it cements the fact that he won’t be coming back at all. Times like the above scene really showed how Crowley was the only sane man on many occasions.

While the Winchesters tend to make boneheaded decisions purely out of their emotions, Crowley always knew when to separate business from personal feelings. This awareness of his always manifested in the form of classy sass on his part, and we could never have enough of it. He’s the one responsible for anointing Sam and Dean as “Moose and Squirrel” after all.

7 Awkward Siblings Shot

This is more real world than in-universe, but Supernatural gave us this magical trio who effortlessly captured the hearts of millions worldwide thanks to their goofy charm and charisma. It’s a treat watching conventions where these three interact with the fans and share hilarious stories that have the entire room in stitches.

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This meme perfectly captures the very same goofy charm as the trio pose for a very awkward picture. While we don’t know exactly what the joke was, they do certainly look like an awkward trio of brothers who have been forced into pretending to be fond of each other. Although we do know the love is real.

6 Everybody Loves Castiel

Speaking of love, could anyone have guessed back in 2008 that girls worldwide would want an angel in a trench coat as their husband? Castiel was an anomaly in the show in that he was the first character who fans loved upon introduction.

The love for Castiel has grown in such epic proportions that girls out there shun real-life guys in the hopes of finding someone who’s just as charmingly clueless as Castiel. Once they find such a guy, all they need to do is convince him to wear a trench coat. If you can’t have Castiel, at least get someone who resembles him, right?

5 Sam's Beautiful Hair

Sam’s dopey hair from Season 1 did the job of capturing young girls’ hearts who swooned at his appearance. These ladies still fell from by Season 8 as his hairstyle became more and more glorious. However, the characters in-universe saw how Sam seemed to be morphing surely into a moose.

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His hair now gave off vibes of antlers, and you can’t unsee this image. Now that Sam’s nickname has definitively been set as Moose, Michael Fassbender here isn’t wrong to call that version of him the real Sam Winchester. And you know what? This moose really is simply perfection.

4 Epic Burn

The people who haven’t watched Supernatural will scratch their heads at this meme, but Supernatural fans will die of laughter each time they read it. After all, it’s both sad and darkly humorous.

Before Mary was resurrected in Season 11, our only idea of her was a roasting mama on the ceiling of baby Sammy’s room – so, Gordon’s insult here is a little too appropriate. This might make you slightly sad in that it’ll remind you that the series premiere was fourteen years ago, and we’re just one year away from it all ending. Bet you’re really missing the roasting Mary now?

3 Fandoms Collide

The first season of Supernatural coincided with the release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Sam Winchester was 100-percent someone who resembled Harry as his mother was also killed by a dark and powerful figure who gave him strange abilities as well.

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Supernatural fandom’s beauty has been the fans’ knack for combining other fandoms with the show. There’s an entire fandom called “Superwholock”, which focuses on a combination of Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock. Harry Potter and Supernatural combinations are nothing new as well, and you’ll find hundreds of these on Pinterest. This meme here takes one back all the way to 2005 when Supernatural was a fresh thing of magic.

2 The Supernatural Mind

You can’t claim to be a Supernatural fan if this kind of mindset hasn’t been ingrained on you by now. Every fan of the show now looks at salt as a potential weapon against demons; stuff like a painting of a devil’s trap is a test for your friends o prove to you they aren’t possessed.

When it comes to flickering lights, you very well better be sitting in a circle of salt with a gun in hand, whose ammo is filled with rock-salt. It’s a natural instinct of a hunter and you just can’t ignore these warnings. Sam and Dean taught you just as much.

1 Dean's Saddest Moment

The greatest tragedy of all on the show has been the number of times poor Dean has gone without sinking his teeth in pie. For the first several seasons, Dean would never be able to get pie for himself. At least in the later seasons, Dean has been slightly lucky.

Supernatural fans can never go without the image of Dean popping in their heads the moment they hear the mention of pie. This obsession is so much that you even think of Dean when studying Pi in your math class. Before the show ends, we want to see Dean happily having his pie without anyone to bother him. Now that’s what Heaven looks like.

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