10 Deadliest Supernatural Marvel Characters

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Marvel Comics is the home of some of the most powerful beings ever known to fiction. Some of those creatures use science as their way to power, but a lot of them use the arcane arts. That’s right, Marvel’s got magic welders that could put a lot of other franchises to shame. We dig through our old floppies and found exactly which Supernatural Marvel characters were the most powerful, then put together a list for your reading pleasure. So grab a lucky charm and summon some good mojo, because here come the 10 Deadliest Supernatural Marvel Characters.

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10 Madelyn Pryor

Madelyne Pryor Inferno

Starting off with a villain from X-Men comics, there’s actually more to Madelyn Pryor than just her mystical abilities. She is also a powerful psychic mutant, able to fool minds as developed as Jean Grey or Professor X at different times. Above all, Madelyn is a master manipulator, a cunning and decisive schemer and liar. And that makes her someone in the Marvel Universe you don’t want to mess with.

Oh, and she’s also known as The Goblin Queen. So not including her on this list would just be wrong.

9 Werewolf By Night

werewolf by night

Marvel boasts some of the greatest superheroes ever created, there’s no doubt. But what people forget is that it’s also created some of the best monsters in comic book history. In fact, Stan Lee’s first official Marvel creation, a character called Groot,* was a monster. One of the greatest monsters Marvel ever designed was their answer to Lon Cheney Jr.’s Wolf Man series, Werewolf by Night. Jack Russell, cursed by blood to live his life as a creature of the night, is still one of comics’ bet take on the werewolf, and we think he deserves a spot in the MCU soon.

*Yes, that Groot. However, the character has changed wildly since his initial conception.

8 Enchantress


Let’s clarify something to begin. DC Comics also has a character called Enchantress, who was the main antagonist in Suicide Squad. This is not that character. This is Amora of Asgard, and she is one of Marvel’s scariest magic users. At times, her powers rival and even top her fellow Asgardian, Loki’s. Though most Asgardians rely on their advanced physiology and weaponry to take on enemies, Enchantress uses the arcane arts.

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It’s made her a thorn in the side of Thor, of the Avengers, and the other Marvel heroes in general. Hopefully, with Loki getting his own series on Disney+, we’ll see Enchantress in the MCU very soon. Probably not with that name though.

7 Ghost Rider

Of course Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance was going to be in this list. Whether it’s Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, or Robbie Reyes, Ghost Rider is consistently one of the deadliest powers to be found in the Marvel universe. Angels, Devils, and even Hulks have feared to cross him in the past, so we feel pretty confident putting him on this list. Plus, the far-off future version of his character, Cosmic Ghost Rider, might be one of Marvel’s deadliest forces ever. At least, the fans seem to think so.

6 Dracula

Avengers COunt Dracula Asylum

Most major comic publishers have used Dracula at one point or another. But no one uses him like Marvel Comics does. Their legendary Tomb of Dracula series did so much for the comic book industry, introducing us to fan-favorite Blade and a large portion of the Marvel supernatural world. Above all, Tomb of Dracula established the Count as one of the most evil supernatural forces in Marvel Comics. His recent return to the Avengers comics is proof of his deadliness and staying power in the Marvel Comics Universe.

5 Morgan Le Fay

Speaking of legendary villains, did you know Marvel Comics has its own version of Morgan le Fay? Le Fay, a primary antagonist in Arthurian legend, is a gifted and manipulative sorceress.

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She puts mystic powers to deadly use in conquest of power and revenge, and has been a big problem for Marvel’s supernatural heroes in the past. If Marvel does ever end up pursuing a Captain Britain series (or film), Le Fay would be an incredible villain. Perhaps even a Big Bad for the MCU as a whole.

4 Nightmare


Dr. Strange has his share of supernatural villains, some of whom we'll get to later in this article. But one that stands out is Nightmare, Lord of the Dream Dimension. Nightmare is an extra-dimensional entity bent on destruction and power. In some ways, he's like an evil version of DC Comics' Sandman. And with his powers not knowing the limitations of our world, indeed even our reality, Nightmare has to rank fairly high up on this list. Hopefully, more fans will know about that if Nightmare does feature in Dr. Strange 2. No rumors have surfaced that point to that yer, but we wouldn't be surprised if they do.

3 Satana

There's been a serious lack of Satana in Marvel Comics lately. And though that's disappointing for fans of Daughter of the Devil, it's part of what makes her so deadly. Satana is consistently and wildly underestimated as a character. Her brother, Damian Hellstrom, usually gets all the attention. But there's a reason Satana is called the Daughter of the Devil. She is chaos and terror to those who cross her, as some of the most powerful entities in Marvel Comics have learned.

2 Dormammu

As the primary antagonist of all of Marvel's Sorcerers Supreme, Dormammu will always rank high on a list like this. He is an almost god-like supervillain, with powers outside the understanding of even Marvel's most brilliant minds.

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Dormammu is almost Cthulhu-esque in power and mystery, with goals and abilities far beyond the mere mortals. We can't wait to see the role Dormammu plays in upcoming Dr. Strange movies, and moreover, how he will factor into the larger MCU as a whole.

1 Mephisto

It's hard to think of a more powerful supernatural entity in any universe than the Devil himself. And though the creature known as Mephistopheles isn't exactly the biblical Satan, he comes pretty close. Mephisto's been behind some of the most evil things to ever happen in Marvel Comics, including the One Day More storyline. And though our fearless heroes manage to outwit him occasionally, the truth is that they'll never be able to truly "beat" him. And we think that means he deserves the top spot on this list.

But who do you think is the deadliest supernatural character in Marvel Comics history? Who did we leave off this list that you think should be on it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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