Supernatural: How the Leviathan Tried to Conquer Earth (and Failed)

Sam and Dean Winchester have gone up against every kind of mystical monster there is on Supernatural. In the show’s seventh season though, they took on a new threat: the Leviathan. These creatures were hungry, extremely hard to kill, and surprisingly well-organized with a plan that almost let these primordial beasts take over the world.

Now, CBR is revisiting the Leviathan’s infiltration of Earth, their plan to subjugate the human population and what finally brought them down.

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While the Leviathan traditionally sea monsters of some sort, in Supernatural, the lore behind the Leviathans is a little different. The Leviathan were the first beasts created by God. They roamed the Earth long before God made people and even angels. However, they were far too blood-thirsty and destructive to co-exist with God’s other creations, so God created Purgatory and locked them away.

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While the Leviathan take the form of black sludge, if they come in contact with another being, they can shape-shift into their physical form. In the process, they take on all the memories and knowledge of the individual whose form they’re mimicking. Although they look human, they bleed black goo when injured. Also when they eat — which they want to do most of the time — their faces transform to become about 80% mouth with huge, pointy teeth.

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Leviathan are extremely difficult to kill. The chemical borax, which is found in many cleaning products, burns them, but does no lasting damage. Beheading also slows them down. However, the head and body eventually come together again unless the two parts are kept away from each other. Leviathans can only be beaten by a few ways. They can be eaten by another Leviathan, forced to eat themselves, harmed through a process called "bibbing," or being stabbed with the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the blood of a fallen angel, the ruler of fallen humanity, and a father of fallen beasts.


In an effort to become the new God, the angel Castiel opened Purgatory and consumed the souls trapped there in order to increase his power. Unfortunately, Castiel also took in the Leviathan. Their power was too great, so when Castiel’s vessel began to deteriorate, he expelled most of the souls and Leviathan back into Purgatory.

However, some of the Leviathan hung on, though, and possessed Castiel. Realizing Castiel’s vessel couldn’t contain them, the Leviathan took him to a nearby municipal water source where they dispersed and took individual vessels.


The Leviathan have been beholden to a single leader since their creation. On Earth, that leader took the form of Dick Roman, the wealthy and famous CEO of Richard Roman Enterprises. His plan was to turn the human population into docile, complacent idiots and round them up like cattle so the Leviathan would have a steady, willing food supply. With Roman’s power and money at their disposal, the Leviathan experimented with food additives that would make humans passive while also fattening them up for slaughter.

Eventually Roman’s company buys SucroCorp in order to introduce the additive into high fructose corn syrup. The additive is also designed to kill other monsters, like vampires, that feed on humans in order to reduce the Leviathan’s competition for food. In addition, the Leviathan discover cures for human diseases, including cancer, so they can maintain a clean food supply. They also introduce another additive into coffee creamer that kills anyone with undesirable traits like natural thinness, short stature or high IQ.

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Borax Dick Roman feautre Supernatural

After learning about the Leviathan’s endgame, Sam and Dean steal a Word of God tablet about Leviathans that Dick Roman’s minions recovered on an archeological dig. Kevin Tran, a prophet, deciphers the text, which explains only the Leviathan leader needs to be taken out to eliminate the Leviathan threat. It also describes the weapon that will kill him.

Sam, Dean, and a resurrected Castiel go about forging the weapon from the bone of a nun (a righteous mortal). Fortunately, they have connections, so they also acquire the three bloods of the fallen the bone must be washed in. They get donations from Castiel (a fallen angel), Crowley (ruler of fallen humanity), and the Alpha Vampire (father of fallen beasts). Then, they infiltrate SucroCorp and locate Dick Roman. Castiel holds him down while Dean stabs him with the weapon, killing him. When Roman dies he returns to Purgatory, dragging Dean and Castiel with him.

With their leader gone, the few remaining Leviathan scatter. While they remain difficult to kill, they are now just another monster. And despite some false alarms, Sam and Dean haven’t encountered a Leviathan on Earth since.

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