'Supernatural Law' spinoff 'Mavis' sports a cover by Jaime Hernandez with issue #4

Official Press Release

[Mavis]The fourth issue of Mavis, the occasional title devoted to the Supernatural Law secretary, will sport a cover drawn by Jaime (Love and Rockets) Hernandez.

"This is a real treat for me," says Mavis's creator, Batton Lash. "I've been a fan of Jaime's since I saw his spot illos in The Comics Journal over 20 years ago. When Love and Rockets #1 came out in 1982, I had an epiphany, and I've been following his work ever since. For years I've been wondering what Mavis would look like drawn by Jaime. Now I've seen my little fantasy come true."

Lash, a recent Eisner Award winner (Best Humor Publication, for Bongo's Radioactive Man, which he writes), is particularly fond of the Mavis character "Mavis started out as a bit player and blossomed into a major character in her own right. I have fun writing and drawing her stories as a 'break' from doing Supernatural Law. I'm pleased that she's acquired a fan base independent of Wolff & Byrd."

The first Mavis issue was published by Lash's Exhibit A Press in the fall of 1998; the second issue came out in the spring of 1999, and the third issue (with a cover by the late Dan DeCarlo) came out in the summer of 2001. Issue 4 is scheduled for December 2002 release.

All the Mavis issues are designed as stand-alones, so readers need not have read previous issues or be familiar with the Supernatural Law series, where Mavis has been assisting attorneys Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd for 36 issues.

The new Mavis issue will feature four separate stories, each told from a different viewpoint. As with past Mavis comics, it will also contain pinups from a variety of top cartoonists in the comics industry. The 32-page book is cover priced at $3.50.

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