Supernatural: 5 Characters From the Early Seasons Who Need to Return

The problem with having 14 full seasons of characters — some of them one-off victims who are immediately forgotten, others favorites who enjoyed lengthy arcs — is there are too many that Supernatural fans want to see again before the series ends. So far, Season 15 is doing a good job of acknowledging its roots, with the first episode taking us all the way back to the pilot with a reappearance of the Woman in White.

In the six episodes that have aired so far this season, we’ve also seen Meg, Dean’s vampire friend Benny, and Lilith, who revealed that God can resurrect those in The Empty, the place where angels and demons go when they die. This ups the stakes for Sam and Dean, and allows for more characters to make a final appearance. But, try as we might, even the most diehard Supernatural fans can forget about the significance of these early-season characters. The following are ones from Supernatural seasons 1-5  who can, and should, be featured again before the series finale.

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The Ghostfacers

The Ghostfacers first appeared in Season 3 in a Winchester-lite episode. Headed by Harry Spengler and Ed Zeddmore, the Ghostfacer team drove the episode with a combination of humor and poignancy. They kind of stumbled their way into the supernatural world, but they’ve maintained a place in the hearts of fans because they’re so fun to watch. The quality of their content is that low-budget stuff that cult classics are made of.

Although they’ve dealt with actual tragedy, such as the death of their intern (played by a baby-faced Dustin Milligan, who glowed up to play Ted in Schitt’s Creek), the Ghostfacers have made several appearances since, including in a commercial. It would be great to have a final check-in with them, if only to hear that terrible theme song again — GHOST! GHOSTFACERS!


There’s no one like your first, and Azazel was the first big bad of Supernatural. Some of us may have forgotten the Sam-having-demon-blood storyline (guilty), but we haven’t forgotten Azazel’s yellow eyes and his role in John Winchester’s death. With God’s newfound ability to bring back beings from The Empty, it is totally plausible to see Azazel again, because we presume that’s where he’s been this whole time.

Azazel represents where the Winchesters’ lives changed forever. He brings us back to the show’s first episode where we see in a flashback how Mary Winchester died. The Winchesters ganked him in revenge a long time ago, in Season 2, but his reappearance could certainly be triggering, especially considering they are still working through the second (and permanent) death of their mother.

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Adam Milligan

Supernatural Adam Milligan

We always think of the Winchester brothers as two men — Sam and Dean Winchester. However, there’s a third brother that we somehow continue to forget about, the “and Peggy” from Hamilton incarnate in the Supernatural world. Adam Milligan was introduced in Season 4, where we learned that sometimes when John Winchester disappeared while Sam and Dean were growing up, it was because he was spending time with his other son.

Sam and Dean never got to know Adam until the angels brought him back from death in Season 5. Adam gets tricked by the angels in their preparation for the Lucifer vs. Michael death match, and, long story short, he's been sitting in Lucifer’s cage since then. However, we don’t know where he is now. Did he make it out during Hell’s jailbreak earlier this season? With all the family and blood themes of the series, it would be worth resolving the mystery of where the third Winchester brother is before the show ends.

Lisa and Ben Braeden

Lisa Braeden Supernatural

Dean had a wild night in 1999 with Lisa, a hot yoga instructor, and when he came back nine years later, he found out she had an 8-year-old son named Ben. She said he’s not Dean’s kid, but Dean sees a lot of himself in Ben. That Season 3 episode “The Kids Are Alright” was about, on the surface, changelings, but it also had Dean thinking about his legacy and what he will leave behind when he’s gone besides a car.

Lisa and Ben Braeden represent Dean’s ideal happy ending. In Season 6, he got to have a life with them for a while, but, of course, it wasn’t permanent. In the end, Dean is always going to choose Sam even when it’s against his best interest — something we’ve seen several times on the show and will likely see again before the show is over. Dean left Lisa and Ben and asked Castiel to wipe their memories of him. However, in this final season with the boys dealing with their mortality for perhaps the final time, you’ve got to wonder what would happen if Dean saw them again.

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Although the boys have little luck with women on the show, stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have married awesome ladies. Padalecki met his future wife, Genevieve Cortese, on the show in Season 4, when she played Ruby 2.0, the demon who helped Sam to get juiced on demon blood, and then betrayed him. They clearly had chemistry on the show, and the Cortese version of Ruby stayed on for that entire season.

Seeing this Ruby again somehow would be a fun homage to how Padalecki met his wife. Supernatural hasn’t been afraid to experiment with breaking the fourth wall nor with bringing characters back from a seemingly permanent death, so her appearance would be easy to explain. This could be as simple as a dream (Sam’s been having a lot of those lately), a flashback, or she could be yet another being that was freed from the Empty.

Airing Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, the final season of Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Alexander Calvert.

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