'Supernatural' actor Osric Chau guest stars in 'Red Sonja' #10

Fans of The CW's Supernatural television series will recognize Osric Chau as Kevin Tran, the honor student turned prophet of God who helped Sam and Dean translate various tablets of significant importance and had to deal with an overprotective mom.

Now the actor, who also appeared in The Man with the Iron Fists and Fun Size, is making the jump from the screen to the printed page, as his likeness will be used for a character in Red Sonja #10.

Red Sonja writer Gail Simone shared some artwork from the comic on her Tumblr, showing Chau in action as "the greatest swordsman in the entire world":

@GailSimone This is a dream come true, that is too awesome Gail!!

— Osric Chau (@OsricChau) May 27, 2014

Thank YOU, mister! The issue turned out beautifully...except you're prettier than Sonja and she's the star! ;) @OsricChau

— Gail Simone (@GailSimone) May 27, 2014

The comic, featuring art by Walter Geovani, comes out later this month.

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